Aggroing other people's mobs

Why is it that when I’m fighting a mob, and someone aggro’d 3-4 other mobs, someone I’m not even in group with, all 3-4 mobs start running towards me, and no I wasn’t even close to them.

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that happened in retail?

I assume, cause you are on a retail character.

Did you buff them or anything?

No in Classic. And no I didnt buff them, or heal, I was literally just autoattacking as paladin. Just soloing an elite in redridge, and suddenly 4 in distance running towards me, 4 that some priest pulled.

I’ve had the same happen to me. Minding my own business, slowly killing an undead on my pally, mage runs by with 8 mobs in tow, then about 1/2 of them turn their attn to me! Only thing I can think is I had a heal or mana regeneration proc (from seals) and that was enough to get them interested.

Yeah also in loch modan, was killing some troggs, level 60 orc runs through the area, all troggs he went near aggro’d and went to me instead.

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This has happened to me many times. I did not touch mobs/buff player running by and mobs aggro to me. My guess is that its intended to work that way? i do not remember if it was like this back in the day though, maybe?

I do remember a common tactic was for a hunter/rogue to train mobs to someone mining a node, they get the agro and you feign/vanish, then you can steal it from them. But I thought they fixed that while still in vanilla.

Nah they aren’t even hunters or rogues, like a priest, and in loch modan was orc warrior, no way they can do something like that. Has to be an aggro bug.

I think its fantastic! Not that someone ran there mobs to you but that the mobs aggro on the way back. The way its always was until they patched it so mobs would ignore players that they didn’t aggro with on there way back to spawn points.

This was the start of the Ghost Crawler rinsed down and easy peasy WoW! I think its grat I see so many people dying and grave running its so awesome!


No no no, this isn’t that. I’m here:


Guy’s here B

Mobs here C

B somehow loses aggro and mobs that I was never close to to begin with, aggro to me. Not grouped with B or anything. D is mob im killing.

Honestly I dont even mind this. Whats frustrating is that the mobs aggro you AND remain tagged by someone else so if you kill them you get no XP or loot.


I do mind it, if I’m doing 3 orbs quest, elites, and while mob is 20% hp suddenly 3 elites and boss come running towrds me out of nowhere, it’s terrible.

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Were you in range? Old School mobs would attack everyone and anyone even if already aggroed

Nope, like a mile away.

LMAO!!! I was doing elite ogres in Loch Modan, had him down to like 10% and a damn spider, and a bear just spawned right on me and killed me I was so pissed but I lolololed all the way back like damn I remember how annoying this all was.

Imagine a square with four corners, A, B, C, and D. Warrior is fighting a mob at A, a mage at B pulls some mobs to C and dies. The mobs then proceed to attack the warrior at A, even though point A and B were not in aggro range of each other.

I think that’s the scenario the OP is describing. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Yep, that’s pretty much it, I wasn’t even in aggro range, they ran for me.

And it’s not that it happened once, seen it at least a dozen times since launch.

Thats the way it should be! Gotta know where you are and who is near you in Classic, and thats the way I want it!

Except they’re not near you, they’re out of your aggro range and you had nothing to do with them.