[A][GARONA][Founders of Honor]

We are Founders of Honor. Yes the server is small. Yes we are probably one of the most active guilds on the server. Yes we are 12/12 Heroic Nyalotha. We will be pushing into mythic in just a couple of weeks. We need a couple more tanks to supplement raids and mythic dungeon nights. Be ready to step into heroic level raid content and then into a couple of Mythic bosses. No we are not Elite tryhards. Yes you can bring your friends and family. We only need a couple more tanks to help.

On a weekly basis this is what we do:
Achievement Runs
Previous Raid Tier Runs
Mythic Dungeon Night
Casual Open Raid Night
Progression Raid Night
And then two nights of downtime.

Message Starhorn or Starleaf in game.

Have a good day friends.