Again bad class design

And who do you think I’m blaming? Pre patch is in 2 weeks let’s see if any updates will come, and class tunings.

There you go I fixed it for you :grin::grin::grin:



This is a good way to suck the fun out of the spec. though. Why would you want to do that? Some weird sense of what’s “fair”?

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I think our greatest concern is they will “tune” us with the bugs in place and then later fix the bugs making our damage a limp noodle and it will take the entire expansion to become a moderate dps spec.

Let them fix the known bugs and then complain. It’s not as if we the hunters did this AND we have pointed out the bugs many times to be fixed. This is not our first rodeo.


Don’t worry, BM will be nerfed into the ground again like it was for SL. Like others have said, there are bugs that they haven’t fixed yet, so it’s too early to tell. Pallies and I think warriors just got nerfed, so BM is probably next. I just want them to fix the bugs before they start tuning.

I guess we’ll get to see lots of bug fixes within the next 2 weeks

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Or they will have no time to fix any of it(you can clearly tell they rush the talent trees as some spec is unfinished) and there will be many bugs when DF goes live.

Wish blizzard would sallow their pride and push the new expansion back. I think most players would rather launch the game when it is finish with little bugs and alos better talent trees and tuning. Rather blizzard just want more money so they push a rush product that is barely functioning.

Remember guys when SL was push the raid for the boss aren’t even finish and devs even admitted they push the stone legion fight out fully knowing there are still tons of bugs. We aren’t talking about bugs they aren’t aware off we are talking about bugs the dev fully know and have no time to fix it before raid launch.


I suspect it will be more than “barely functioning”… but who knows. Perhaps what appears to be an exaggeration won’t be.

Idk, i’d bet that most of those bugs will be fixed prior to pre-patch hitting servers, likely within next week or so of beta.


Tuning is just that tuning. There is no time limit, and trust there will be “tuning” throughout this expac. I expect many nerf’s and damage modifiers buff’s to happen. It’s the nature of and Blizzard formula for years.

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You’re either new to wow or a MASSIVE optimist

Yeah, but the dog doo part of it is that it takes them weeks or months to fix; outside of something VERY egregious. I’m certain the changes aren’t difficult, they just drag tail on things unnecessarily to keep the carrot dangled for longer subs. There’s no real mystery about why it’s happening.

I’m going to suggest something wild: Make a game that keeps players playing NOT because of the promise of change, but because it’s enjoyable to play. The money-printing machine operates more efficiently when lubricated by fun instead of hope.

I’m 95% sure this is what will happen.

Just as with the start of Shadowlands, bugs will make it to Live, they will nerf the damage and then band-aid the bugs without compensating for the loss in damage. By patch 10.1, Hunters will be in the bottom third until 10.2.5.


Lol perhaps you should look at my profile. THIS character, not some odd level alt, has been on this game since day 1 @12:30AM Mannoroth. I have played vanilla, or classic, and all that has come after. I have ALWAYS post from this character and always from a max level toon.

What I said was true then, and will remain to be true now in this expansion.

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How do you know this? I mean i hold Blizzard in records low regards after this fiasco of a alpha/beta but I still doubt they will let BM go live this strong due to bugs.

Scenario A: they fix the bugs and the BM spec will go live as weak and lackluster as the other specs.

Scenario B: they wont/cant fix the bugs and will nerf the living F out of the bugged abilities to bring then down. Then fix the bugs later but “forget” to buff it back up to balanced levels.

Cant see any other scenario really. But it wont go live like this. They hate Hunter too much for it to happen.


I have done testing on beta. Druids running 140k+. Retadins running 90k+. BM running 65k+. Everyone else between 45-50k. BM isn’t doubling other classes, but it is strong due to bugged talents. My issue is that instead of fixing the bugged talents, they nerfed Barbed Shot by 23%. That affects all of the talents that directly modify Barbed Shot. When they do fix the bugged talents, I expect BM’s damage to drop significantly. Will they revert that 23% nerf or just say good enough?

This is similar to the start of Shadowlands, when they nerfed BM based on how BM was performing with Azerite gear in 8.3 - seemingly not understanding that Azerite gear no longer works. I expect something similar will happen here, but I’m holding out hope they fix it right. They aren’t high hopes, but hopes nonetheless.


SV was only played because of a broken tier set and MM hasnt been popular since the boring BFA revamp. BM will still be the most played until they massively overhaul those 2 specs.


That’s is the problem. MM
Should have really good ST damage. It’s a sniper, should be good in single target damage but weak in AOE. SV hunter should have good AOE , bombs , butchery, FOTE and OK ST damage. BM having both it’s not ok. The main reason for that is because it’s the only spec in the game with 100% mobility. It should have OK aoe and OK st damage

I always get a laugh at you people who think BMs mobility is a huge benefit. MM has plenty of mobility too, as does Boomkin, Evoker, every single melee, and every good ranged player. I also play demo and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve lost a global in any given fight due to having to move.

No good player loses DPS because they had to move other than the first couple of pulls on a boss. What a bad reason to keep a spec down though looking at your raid progress shows you clearly don’t have the slightest clue to begin with.


You keep saying that like it means something.

First of all, every melee class in the game has 100% mobility. They just have a smaller area to dodge mechanics.

Secondly, the trade off for ranged mobility is the requirement to manage Frenzy stacks inside a tight window. Most BM Hunters are terrible at keeping three stacks of Frenzy up.

Thirdly, your argument is counter to what Blizzard devs have been saying for years. Having slightly more mobility than other ranged classes is not cause to do lower damage.

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