After 46 boss kills only 1 piece of dom socket gear

You are the only plate wearer in your raid? If all your guildies have lots of dom pieces there are none to trade?

The fact you have cursed level luck does not mean most people do.

In what way would that have changed this situation?

“I’ve killed 46 bosses and can’t get a piece of tier!”

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My only piece of Dom gear is the vendor piece Belt from Korthia.

Meanwhile I have higher ilevel (and better secondary) belts in my bags because that 3% damage increase frost shard (even without the socket bonus) is such a difference maker

This doesn’t work if you’re the only person in your raid using a particular armor class.

Blizzard quality control at its finest hour

Then people would be complaining they haven’t gotten their tier set yet?

Tier is better though because class specific stuff is better than generic stuff.

Yes. Another reason why forced personal loot is such a bad system.

ML encourages different armor types to spread gear. You want to be the armor type with the least competition so you get gear faster.

PL encourages stacking armor types to trade.

PL also provides a loot ratio that correlates with your group so you don’t see just as many mail gloves with 1 mail user as leather gloves with 8 leather users.

ML is probably better, but man it sucks in TBC classic watching items drop nobody can even equip.

The RNG is not strong with this one.

You’re just making a case for master loot making a comeback.

Would it not be nice to be able to set the raid up as either?

It would be interesting to have it completely self-determined.

You could opt-in for personal loot, but that makes you ineligible for any master looted drops.

And I could see guild runs being entirely master loot and using it to funnel gear to less geared people since the more geared do not need it.

As it was and as it should be. A few bad actors resulted in a wholesale punishment with the revocation of master loot - and I guarantee you that there were infinitely more guilds that operated without a peep than guilds that caused their members to flee to general discussion to rant about the latest drama.

Trading duplicates has nothing to do with master loot. I get more loot rolling on something a guildy doesn’t need than straight up drops. If my guild that only raids 2hrs a week has drops to share I doubt miss 46 kills hasn’t seen a tradable piece of loot yet.


dom socket gear rng sucks. I have heard more than once someone say “sorry dude, I would trade this if I could because I already have a dom socket in this slot, but it’s a higher ilvl so I can’t”

we cannot spread the gear among the raid and it blows.

let us trade our gear and PL is fine, but as it stands it’s the worst loot system possible.

Because tier set are about 6 slots, which is 1 more than domination sockets which = 6/10 bosses would have tier.

throw in the fact you can get said slots from all versions of the raid to fill set bonus

also the set bonus only requires 2 and 4/6 and overall a better system then “getting shards + praying for gear”

Hardly, before PL system, every time I went to raids and kill bosses you would always see the 3 same pieces of plate drop or mail etc and it would become de fodder. Bring back bonus rolls and loot protection.

You can blame the removal of ML for this lol

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Of course it is. This is the way unfortunately. Design something really painful to increase time-metrics, token sales and squeeze the life out of the remaining players.

Yes and people absolutely complained about that too, especially when they were hard capped at 4 legendaries at the start of the expansion and had to literally start the same class again in order to hope rng doesn’t screw then over. The issue is the same with domination sockets, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say ?