After 46 boss kills only 1 piece of dom socket gear

So I killed 46 bosses in the raid so far. I am at 9/9 shards yet I have only got 1 dom socket piece of gear. I have people in my guilds who already have the set bonus or had 5 of them drop.

This shard system is so badly designed. You get so much of a power increase for the set bonus but its so RNG that you many never get the set bonus.

Like I would need the head piece to drop to even get the set bonus. Last raid tier Castle Nathria, I never saw a head piece drop in the raid on any difficulty in 356 boss kills. total.

SL loot seems so broken and there is no bonus rolls to help you get that piece you might need but never get cause of RNG.


very true, i get shards and conduits more often than i get gears from raids.
i dont want conduits that aren’t my spec.
and I dont want shards whenever i dont have the gears for them first


Lol I want shards , is Sylvanas kill the only guarantee way of getting it ?

its literally the exact same thing as gear. it’s no different from gear. you might get it you might not.

you could literally change your title to ‘after 46 boss kills only 1 piece of the tier set’ back in wrath and everything would apply

the world does not revolve around azuremi. The system does not need to change because azuremi has had bad rng.


looks like your guild will be able to trade you the missing pieces soon and the problem will go away.


Your guild should be trading you pieces. Top priority for any team is to make sure everyone has their 3-piece. Before anyone starts in on their 4th or 5th socket, they need to be giving you gear so you get your set bonus.


I havent done much SoD but I got a dom socket from LFR on its first week.

Your guild should be giving you pieces. What’s going on??


yeah I need the helmet and no luck yet. I’ve given up on the shard system, its garbage. I do 6-7k DPS anyway without it.

In my case its the opposite. I drop gear with Socket but 0 shard

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Except that doesn’t always work how you want it too. If its an upgrade you can’t trade it


Timewalk cache can also drop dommie mommy gear. Take advantage.

When I heard about domination gear this is the last thing I wanted.

  1. yes the system is bad
  2. As a counter point I have 10 normal bosses and 3 heroic bosses and already gotten socket shoulders and 6 sockets. It’s just RNG.


The issue isn’t just acquisition, the issue is how powerful the domination sockets actually are.

If you think that there’s only a few complaints with domination socket gear, it’s power and acquisition then that’s frightening

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Where’s your patience, you probably have 14 months until 9.2 to complete your set.


Lol :joy: probably

While it’s somewhat a matter of degree, the power gain is a tad on the high side, and these aren’t really tier sets, I think the system does illustrate the “have’s have nots” problem that tier sets create. ( Same as the BiS corruptions early on )

Incoming “We hear you” and a gear vendor on a one piece a week rotation.


I have to agree here that domination sockets should have been handled differently and essentially had a domination socket on all 9.1 gear, while raid gear had the set bonuses for having all 3 of a set equipped came from raid.

Its rather stupid that you can have a complete set of all shard types and rng means you can only use 1.

Blizz probably nerfed alliance drop rates to encourage people to move to Horde.