After 46 boss kills only 1 piece of dom socket gear

…what are you doing in there?

Can you blame them?

SL is some stupid Tony Hawk Parkour game where most bosses require a ton of movement so no one wants to play the wheelchair classes.

Don’t blame me, I PVP

I’m at 31 kills no sockets. Kind of sucks as multiple other people have full sets now and it looks to be about a 20 percent increase.

My parses are dropping significantly each week because of layered rng (vault needs to not drop an item competing with a socket, need weapons, need decent trinkets and need dom sockets) not because I play worse, thats a horrible system. I get that Blizz wants to slow gearing so players spend more time online for metrics but this has gotten to the point were I’m just ready to give up.

It wouldn’t be the worst system in the world if Personal Loot didn’t kill your chances each week. Sadly, you will need to hold out for the gear funnel or the Great Vault.

Though I was fortunate in that I got my 3 slots with Chaos Bane by the second week (and finished all 3 shard sets on week 3), the RNG swing is gigantic, and I sympathize with players screwed early on it. It’s just like Legion legendaries all over again. I had a poor friend that had all 9 shards and 0 Dom sockets on week 2.

I said this on the very day the raid open RNG with a system like this…

So glad I don’t have to deal with this myself.

All nine shards, only two pieces of domination gear and one of those is from the Korthia vendors.

I went 67 kills without a drop. Had started running LFR beginning last week to attempt to get the plate helm off Ner’zhul. Finally got it this week but only because four of them dropped for other people in the run and one of them traded it to me because he said he didn’t care about the system.

Still haven’t actually gotten a drop of my own out of the raid. The chest I have was a Vault pull and the gloves are rep.

If only anyone had warned them ahead of time how deeply flawed and terrible of an unnecessary system this is.

Oh well. I guess sadly nobody did.



People saying “your guild should be able to trade” you guys are missing the point, the system is dog$hit.


I have multiple dom pieces and shards. I’ve done 2 wings of LFR one time and I forget to do the rest. I haven’t bothered wearing any of them. I…think I won at the game of WoW.

I’ve done 9/10 heroic, a few mythic bosses, and 10/10 normal every single week…

No unholy helmet ;(

Imagine if they had just made tier set instead …

I know you’re being facetious, but honestly… no one should have a bad experience due to bad luck. That’s just poor design in any era.

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No pieces in the vault either? If so that’s incredibly unlucky. Feels bad

You are the only plate wearer in your raid? If all your guildies have lots of dom pieces there are none to trade?

The fact you have cursed level luck does not mean most people do.

In what way would that have changed this situation?

“I’ve killed 46 bosses and can’t get a piece of tier!”

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My only piece of Dom gear is the vendor piece Belt from Korthia.

Meanwhile I have higher ilevel (and better secondary) belts in my bags because that 3% damage increase frost shard (even without the socket bonus) is such a difference maker

This doesn’t work if you’re the only person in your raid using a particular armor class.

Blizzard quality control at its finest hour