AFK Multi-Boxer Boomkins

Blizzard doesnt care about multiboxers. It’s so tacky. It makes the game look like a cheap knock off Korean mmo and Blizzard doesnt care because all they see is $$$

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Been there done that! Blizzard says its not cheating as long as each identical toon pays for a subscription.

And when did herbs and nodes start disappearing after 4 seconds? That’s Classic WoW… but you can take forever to skin a dead animal even if you didn’t kill it.

I’ve reported the same 7 groups of moonkin in the same 1 zone, farming 2 areas. Nothing has been done about them. Its been 6 weeks. This is one of the big reasons I haven’t even bought Shadowlands. All I can see are groups of these afk bots farming every zone. What is the point of even playin when this abuse is going on un checked for so damn long?

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nonsense. you can farm gold to pay for accounts.
Next problem …


There are a host of things you don’t know about those particular characters. For example, that account could have been actioned. The person could then create a new account and call their character the same name. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen that possibility mentioned by a blue response somewhere. While some may slip through the net, in my case I’ve seen the number of bots reduce at locations where I have reported them.

It isn’t possible to remove all of them from the game, they are just too rampant and professional. They are like weeds - and being an avid gardener the simile works well - you pull up one and another two sprout next to it. Its an ongoing battle against a system designed to survive.

Just like it’s Blizz’s job to stop them, it’s a botters job to not be stopped.

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That sounds more like a druid farm party, as in different people which isn’t an issue. It’s pretty common actually.

Yes, I’ve seen that. I recall there was a spot in Nazmir, I think it was, where they would sit and sparkly down beasts while other characters would skin them. They could do that more an hour or more and I presume it had to be fairly profitable for them otherwise why do it.

I legitimately don’t know if it’s a bot or just some sort of wack multiwhatever single button thing controlled by one of those dipping bird office toys.

I just found a guy running 4 more of these in nazmir, sent my reports and then spoke to him…

He said “ItS JuSt MuLtIbOxInG” and started to jump around… but 2 of his 4 accounts “forgot” to jump because he’s clearly not multiboxing.

Then he got mad, called me a kid while not being able to spell the 3 letter word and logged out.

Now he’s bringing his other 120’s to the same spot to see if I’m gone…

but I’m in the finder queue as a DPS with time to burn.

Are people so desperate for tokens?

Are people so desperate to sell accounts for RMT schemes?

Keep reporting them, ignore the “ItS JuSt MuLtIbOxInG” cries trying to defend it.

Same spot I found 8 last time and got ingame mail yet again for reporting them.

We’ve all been here long enough to tell a boxer from a botter, and all the lies and stuff on the forums isn’t helping them, just making Blizz and Support scrutinize it even more.


I have been Dual boxing for years and you need to be ATK all the time! if they’re not ATK and performing in-game actions? then they should be reported! if a GM sends them a tell and they don’t answer him/her should be removed from the game simple as that. many us dual boxxers are legit ATK when we are performing an activity in-game

So you reported someone for simply playing the game?

Just to repeat for xxxth time, there is no rule against playing on a number of accounts in WoW. You are, in effect, harassing that person because they don’t play the game the way you do.

Do I like mboxing? Not particularly, but then I’ve found a fair few people in this game that I wouldn’t have in for lunch. I don’t report them, and neither should you.

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No, for not playing the game.

For running a bot, and cheating the game.

For Cheating Blizzard, and you.

I’m not trying to say he wasn’t botting but multiboxing isn’t an infallible process. The characters can only do what we tell them to do. If he set something up incorrectly then something could happen he didn’t intend. I’ve had my characters not follow when I’ve told them to because I didn’t set the keybind in game and I’ve had them mark targets because the keybind was set to something else. I wrote myself an addon to configure everything the way I want it to solve the issue but it’s up to each player to find their own solution.

No one cheated me of anything.

then why are you here?

To show most people don’t even know what they are talking about. Why are you here? You don’t know the difference between botting and multiboxing.


No, you’re here to protect your sunk cost on software.

It’s not 1998, it’s not 2008…

We all know the difference by now.

And so does Support.

Wrong as you can verify by the posts in this thread.

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if he is new to MB he might have not unbinded his W,A,S,D for movement if his main runs his other toons will run all willy nilly, sounds like what happened also why would he bind his space bar to make them jump? LOL