Affliction Warlock- Looking for casual fun guild

358 I level Warlock wants to learn and run Dungeons and Raiding

Need some guidance , quick learner . Have job cannot research every fight
Looking for guild that tolerates mistakes , sarcastic humor, and teaches tactics on occasions .

Hey Centares!

We are actively seeking a few players to run in our heroic clear each week, and even possibly trial for our mythic progression group! We are a very chill, more casual progression guild. We like to have fun and play together, over progression. Hit one of us up in game, or find me and one of the officers Bnet or Discord in our forum post here:

We are always looking for some new members to join us. We are always running mythic plus dungeons… we raid with 3 different raid groups. We also do some PvP in RBG and Warmode. Come check us out

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