Affliction warlock bloat

Holy cow, wanted to do the mage tower and haven’t played affliction since Legion.

They have waaaaay too many spells. Can barely fit all of them on the action bars.

They need a pruning


I agree. I hated what they did to affliction in BFA, and it maybe got worse in SL. Legion felt amazing. Dot, Dot, big dotx4, drain. That’s my kind of playstyle. Simple and relatively fast paced.

Even if they just added malefic rapture to that to replace drain in aoe situations then boom you’d have a fun spec to play. But no. They made this terrible creation we have now.


Agree 100% - they need to have some spells combined or replace an existing one. WITHOUT REMOVING CURSES! I know they’re sometimes not making a difference but IMO they give the class much needed flavor.

I’ve loved affliction from the beginning and it’s pretty clear now that most of the spells are copy/pasted from other existing spells to make developers’ job easier at the cost of player fun.

One thing that would help would be to put some dots and/or curses on a separate GCD. Having to apply Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, UA, Haunt, a curse, & Sbolt/Drain routinely can be a lot to juggle. For bigger pulls/burts you also get to add in Seed/singularity/taint, darkglare, misery, covenant ability and possibly a trinket.

  • Siphon life should be a dot that gets automatically applied with Corruption/Drain Life or when 2 or more dots are on the target.

  • Haunt should be a talent that replaces Shadowbolt/in the same talent row as Drain Soul.

  • Drain soul should replace/combine both Shadowbolt & Drain Life. Adjust the healing aspect as needed.

  • Fel Domination - remove this stupid spell and reduce cast time of summoning

  • Malefic Rapture - this should be a passive that applies to Haunt/Shadowbolt/Drain Soul.

  • Curses being an AoE target ability would be nice.

  • Misery is a lame talent on its own as I don’t think of affliction as being bursty, so I’d rather we lose it altogether. Maybe make it so Darkglare can become a permanent pet.

The bigger issue is with PvP talents. Almost all of them are mid-long cooldown abilities that last for such a short time. A bunch are basically “oh crap” or burst buttons. Some of the changes above could remove a bit of that bloat, but would still love to see a few adjustments.

  • Nether Ward - Make this like Demon Armor. Have it reflect a spell once every X seconds
  • Rapid contagion - Combine with/make it enhance Summon Darkglare, adjust dmg & cooldown as needed
  • Casting Circle - combine with/make it enhance unending resolve
  • Amplify Curse - I don’t see any issue with this being a permanent passive.

aff absolutely does not need pruning.
warlock as a whole has always been a class with many abilities and utilities, especially wrath and after.
Just because you haven’t played aff since legion and it’s overwhelming to you doesn’t mean the spec needs pruning.


The current iteration of Affliction is an abomination. Period.


Yes it does.


The pruning of all specs in this game needs to stop. This spec needs a rework, its not enjoyable to almost everyone in the lock community.


They really don’t lmao


Pruning will happen most likely, or at the best you can talent into the current amount of abilities, they said they are removing baseline things and putting some of it into the talent trees

No they dont.

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Affliction needs a full on rework, imo, with less DoTs and more damage from DoTs.

There doesn’t need to be 8 DoTs in the spec, that’s too many GCDs. It should have just 3 DoTs, 4 including the filler Drain Soul and then talents that empower those DoTs and stuff. No CD, or at best a CD like Rapid Contagion where it makes the DoTs do more damage, faster ticks or both, nothing more.

More QoL stuff for Aff like getting DoTs up faster on multiple targets like how Soul Swap was where you could SoulBurn: Soul Swap and have all DoTs instantly applied to 1 target all at once.

In that sense yes it absolutely does need a pruning. More DoT damage, less DoT abilities themselves. 4 including filler is perfect for the spec.


Which is the main problem, really. The modern affliction style was designed entirely around the artifact, but when it left they didn’t readjust the spec to compensate. So now here we are with this… whatever the hell this mess is.

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Aff needs a pruning yeah absolutely. You have 5 abilities that just do the same thing and then you add Malefic Rap, Seed, Shadow Bolt, Soul Rot and Darkglare on top of that like wtf were they thinking.

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Well for some reason rather than baking some of the artifact passives into the main kit, they brought back shadow bolt and added death bolt and death glare. I mean when bfa came out, I wanted to die.

It was ok for a hot minute because single target damage was still good, but it felt horrible to play and I just ditched it and ran away.

I’m back to warlock now because demo and destro are really fun to play, so let’s hope that affliction becomes fun again too.


Afflictions needs 3 main dots, with siphon life baked into corruption and our drainers to be our baseline filler again. Shadowbolt is lame as affliction even when its instant.

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It doesnt need pruning


If you think Affliction needs pruning then Affliction isnt for you.

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It does need pruning. If you think any DoT spec should be fine with 7-10 DoTs, you’re insane. There’s way too many GCDs in mythic+ to mash, which is why the StS build is a thing.

I love Affliction, MR style is complete garbage. It’s not fun, unless you’re someone who enjoys Destro style Aff, which makes no sense whatsoever for a DoT spec to be a nuke spec. It makes perfect sense for DoTs to be a slow ramp that turns into sustained damage, not burst.

Yes, that doesn’t flow to a lot of things like mythic+, that doesn’t matter. The design philosophy behind “damage over time” is ‘over time’ being the keyword. Not burst which is front loaded.

It needs pruning and more DoT damage.

It needs 3 power house DoTs, 4 including your filler. It doesn’t need 7+ DoTs, it doesn’t need MR, it doesn’t need this or that. It just needs a solid DoT rot style that leads into full on sustained damage, especially in terms of PvP.

If you think it doesn’t need pruning, again, people are insane. The DoT damage needs to be buffed but the ridiculous amount of GCDs needs to go, or it needs talents like what Shadow has where you can reduce the amount of GCDs by combining DoTs together.

Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Siphon Life, Phantom Singularity, Haunt, Soul Rot. Add in CDs like DS:M, Darkglare, again it’s a GCD nightmare. Yeah, a lot of haste helps, what also helps is just not having so many different abilities you need to have up/press.

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The game isn’t BC/wrath anymore. Sustained damage will never have a place in high end raiding.

The specs that are always viable are the ones with burst windows for add phases and direct damage that’s needed.

Rygelon with quasars for example. You’re not doing Jack as Aff. The sooner you realize this the better.

It’s not a GCD nightmare unless you’re just not good. 9.0 affliction was one of the most enjoyable forms of affliction. I loved having burst windows.

It’s always mediocre players that complain about bloat :man_facepalming:t3: