Affliction pumping in M+ but raids just got lol

so this is how it is?

M+ affliction

raid Demo

pvp destro ?

I ran an M+ with an aff lock that out geared me. They finished the key with roughly half my overall damage.

If group burst is good, aff sucks.

I am destro.


Aff will still suck at lower key levels and starting with 9.1, will also suck on Tyrannical weeks (for the most part).
Aff gains a lot of value once you get to 15s and higher, just like before.

It’s more like:
M+: Whatever you’re best at
Raid: Whatever you’re best at
PvP: Whatever you’re best at

I ran Destro all least season and destroyed just about every single spec I came across, regardless of ‘meta’.


With how big the gap is between Aff and the other 2 specs i dunno how you could say that. Its to the point that even if you play the other 2 specs at a decent level it will outperform aff.

You ran one low key with one affliction warlock. I dare say that’s not a good sample size to make a judgment call.

We probably just got lucky that they overturned seed of corruption, I am willing to bet they will nerf it soon. Affliction has been officially been “we’d rather you not play it”. The spec is a nightmare to tune, and at this point I would wager to say they would rather just force us in to not playing it than put in any effort in to balancing. After all, you can’t take precious development time away from engagement metrics and developing systems that make the WoW token much more appealing.

I didn’t see that it was a high key only post. I offered up my experience. Take it for what its worth.

Affliction is the dead lock spec. The other two do everything better.

You don’t have experience. You ran one low key, and offer up:

Aff in a relevant key is ahead of both destro and demo, except possibly during tyrannical.


If you aren’t stacking trash on top of the boss then are you even really playing the game?

Aff’s great in keys. If you really want more boss damage then you can take necrotic dagger, but double mastery buffs turn you into a trash smashing monster, so that’s going to be up to you.

In raid it’s not great, but it’s not so bad that it’s trolling, either. The main issue is that none of the fights seem to play to aff’s strengths, which leaves it in a weird spot for the tier. Honestly an easy fix if they care to do something about it, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

Sorry for the late reply. I think they are commenting on that it seems like your objectivity is a bit flawed since anyone can say what you did and it seems more like you wanted people to know about you versus a substancial result.

That might not have been your intention, but citing/cherry picking general scenarios without factoring details, specifics and data comes off a bit superficial :slight_smile: