Afflicted Afix - Resto Shaman Poison Totem

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can someone please confirm because I couldn’t see it anywhere. Is the new afflix “afflicted” poison type? I mean I’ve been reading that if you use the poison totem it will clean it immediately, is that correct?.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the poison totem but I thought it only cleans if you have a poison debuff in your party. is that correct? Are this afflicted guys part of our “party”?

conclusion poison totem will make disappear those afflicted guys?

Yes, it is quite OP right now for this affix.

It’s Bring a Shaman to M+ work week. Meanwhile, in the Dungeon Forum, pure dps and some hybrids are complaining about not being able to run them cause they can’t do anything about the affix. 1st world problems to only be able to dps.

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Putting poison totem down has saved my butt so many times so far this week lmao

I’m sure Blizzard is aware of it cause I learned about the affix off WoWhead on how to handle it. If you have 2 Shaman in the party, it makes the Affix irrelevant. Poison Totem’s (45 CD) CD isn’t up by the next set.

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It has been a lifesaver for me. Healers have been having issues and I was stuck with theblong casttimes and inevitable death. The totem took that away.

Yeh, any shaman spec should have the totem this week. I coordinate with my standard group, every other pull I just totem it.
Feels way better than how we can handle Incorp (stopping to cast as Enhance feels gross)

I did not even realize you could do that. Thanks guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

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