Aff pvp question

Hey guys! It seems like to me if you don’t have the potential to global some one, you have to choose a covenant with survivability. Would you all say this is true? That being said, playing affl in pvp we can’t global anyone lol. So should I go from NF to necro? With my sac bubble plus necro shield would this benefit me in all forms of rated pvp? Thank you😁

No. Night fae is really the only viable covenant as affliction because of how strong using soulshape is to get away.

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Is affliction viable for pvp?

Honestly it’s viable but not ideal.

So snoz is correct is the sense of being able to kite as affliction can be huge! Especially since warriors can just break your necro shield by using their heroic throw or w/e. Now with that being said the damage you will do will still be about the same according to new sims with affy as necro or night fae. But the biggest thing with affy is the ability to kite away from your enemies. Also a on a side note as NF you have soul rot which isnt on the same school as your affy tree so bating kicks with that can be huge.

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The other thing you have to consider is the the bonuses.

Bonus health/stam as Niya
Or podtender as dream weaver as well.

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Also Soul Rot is by far the best DoT in the game, and without it your damage all over the board significantly drops, and you can no longer mass drain life (which is both an offensive and defensive cooldown when you need it to be).

Hi, how come Aff can’t no longer mass drain life? Did soulrot get a nerf?

Without Soul Rot you can no longer mass drain life

Oh I misunderstood your comment. I still whish the mass drain spec would be viable in pvp though

I’m enjoying it

Do you still prefer sacrolash over DSS in pvp?

I use Sacrolash

I was running a cheese one shot Necro Aff build with Withering Bolt, Drain Soul, and the Necro legendary. It was pretty troll and unexpected but fun X)

There is also a one shot Affliction Deathbolt build as Night Fae. All take a LOT of set up but fun when you pull it off… if you survive long enough to do it. Lol!

Anything but nightfae isn’t viable as Aff.

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you cant Global someone instantly but if you put all your dots/DS/DG and use rapid contagion then use deathbolt you can pretty much 1 shot most people

Can confirm, hit a pally for 30k db and warriors for 19-20k Deathbolts, really fun but hard to get off as people dispel or los you.