Aff Lock drain life healing


Locks are healing more than healers now in some games. Can you not see they are fundamentally broken.

Don’t get me started on their damage output…


And this is a druid concern why?


It’s very class in the games concern if you’d like to have fun in arena.

Its actually the most infuriating thing. Gotta save a stop for the drain and dampen until drain and dark pact are useless.


Another warlock complaint thread in the wrong department 101.

Maybe just kick the drain life and git gud? Not sure what to tell you. They die pretty easily.


Not to correct you twice in one day but kick has a cd and drain life does not.

I get its only empowered under certain circumstances with the legendary and soul rot but you can kick fear, then have to eat the entire drain life undoing your go seconds later.

Or you hold the kick specifically for the drain and just eat the fear, in which case they just drain while youre feared.

Or you kick their healer, or they wall making them immune to kicks and full drain…

Whatever. Aff is out of control for a lotbof reasons right now.


Won’t let me delete it for some reason but there’s a reason there are multiple threads about it.

Yes of course. How stupid of me, I should kick the life drain and then undoubtedly I will become a better player.

I’m glad we got this sorted out have a great day everyone!

There’s an arena forum.

Druids have it easier than other classes cause we can decurse agony every 5 seconds or so, so just line most of the time and put dots up and go when you can

We have it easier because of decurse but if ur balance u also take the entire fear cuz solarbeam is a min cd so its even worse.

Drain life heals for barely anything when you don’t have stacks. Literally the only time it heals for a lot, at all, is under heavy stacks of ID and especially if they use the Soul Rot and hit multiple targets with it, so don’t group up together when you fight a Warlock?

It’s not, it’s very easily countered as a Restoration Druid considering your HoTs heal literally about as much as their DoTs do, if not more, and then you just keep dispelling when they try to burst, or you go and cyclone them to reduce the damage they deal by 30%, again easily countered.

Aff has to have a very certain class combo, otherwise it’s garbage, and if you’re fighting that very specific combo, then yeah it gets annoying to people.

No, the reason is this: Affliction is in a bad state. It’s annoying playing as the Affliction Warlock because melee literally should never, ever, go off of the Aff lock. The moment Aff gets any breathing room, you’re done, but they;'re ultra mega squishy and slow, so again, don’t give them breathing room whenever you can help it.

Yes, considering they don’t heal much, my main is Aff. It doesn’t heal much outside of ID full stacks or heavy stacks, like 20+ stacks it heals a good bit. Resto Druids can very easily dispel Agony which kills Agony ramp, kills shard gen, kills ID stacks, but I mean, yeah.

The other issue with Aff is this: it’s not fun, neither playing as it nor playing against it. It’s quite literally the most annoying spec this entire expansion.

Theres alot wrong with your post, but i just think this part is funny.

I was playing l/s/d the day before yesterday and we were against a hero cleave team (dh/dk/healer) and we survived their openrr burst and were stabilizing and suddenly their healer died from behind a pillar.

Woops dispelled UA and died. Also got the flameshock but it was like a 30k UA dispel and a 12k flame shock dispel while they werent topped.

“Just dispel the dots!” Lol

If you think Drain Life is bad now, wait til you see all the talents they get buffing it in DF

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Of course you can’t dispel when you’re below a certain threshold. Every healer worth their salt knows this? Don’t dispel UA when below 35% HP, only when above 60%. They buffed UA dispel damage but made it so it can never crit.

A while back, UA dispels used to be able to crit so you could potentially get a 60k crit dispelled UA, but now that is no longer the case since last week or 2 weeks or so ago, I think it was.

Again, though, every healer worth their salt should know and full well understand you don’t dispel unless you, yourself, have the HP for it. I imagine they learned their lesson, then, but yes as a Resto Druid keep HoTs on yourself and your allies, keep above a threshold, dispel.

What do you mean? They’re nerfed and watered down versions of what they have right now, literally. The Drain life leggo is 100% now instead of30/60% that it is in DF. The damage component is lowered, too, for DL itself.

Like, it’s nowhere near as big of a deal.

They were closer to the 60% than the 35%.

Idk man you just kinda wrong about drain life. Its pretty insane right now. W/e

Drain Life at 50 stacks is huge. I never said it wasn’t, but I said, along with the other guy kick the Drain Life, too, and dispel the DoTs. Aff’s damage is in a few scenarios:

  1. 50 stacks of ID, insane healing insane damage, combo’d with Soul Rot because for some reason every healer and their mother has to have their whole team stack together which is heaven for Affliction. Aka; don’t stack, ever. They’re waiting for you to do it, don’t do it. You cut down the amount of damage by 60% because now instead of Soul Rot going on 3 targets for 25k DPS 50 stack ID Drain Life, you only have 1 target.

  2. DoTs proc Grimiore of Sacrifice. It doesn’t do much, but it does a good bit and it does a LOT more damage than any of the DoTs. Under Rapid Contagion, DoTs proc it more because their ticks are sped up by 33% for 20 seconds. We take this talent, even though it’s 100% useless in PvE, because in PvP the amount of burst players have can easily kill your pet. Rather than killing the pet, we will sac it for free damage.

  3. You’re not dispelling enough, nor are you looking for the signs of Affliction actually trying to get going. Aff damage is mainly in Drain Life+Rapid Contagion/DS:M burst window. DS:M is a 30% Haste buff, on top of Rapid Contagion 33% dot tick speed upgrade, and then they just buffed Corruption damage, too, which helps out a bit with sustained.

  4. You’re giving the Warlock time to freely cast. No matter the spec, you never give ANY caster time to free cast. That’s PvP 101, stick on the casters forcing them to constantly move. Some casters are fine, Aff isn’t one of those that’s fine while moving. The DoTs don’t do much, GoSac does a bit but it has nowhere near the capability while moving that it does when you give it time to stop and cast. Keep your melee on top of the lock, gg.

Healers were the bane of existence for Affliction, they still are. Restoration Druids are the biggest bane of existence to Affliction. Cyclone the Lock, heal yourself, dispel. Once the lock is out of Cyclone, I imagine you were running the -30% damage after Cyclone talent because if not, you’re picking wrong talents since that’s free damage reduction, but yeah.

Drain Life on it’s own doesn’t heal for much. It’s healing is based off of the damage it deals and it doesn’t do a lot of damage, again, without the damage amp from Inevitable Demise. That requires Agony being out and ticking. Dispelling DoTs lowers the damage, keeps Agony stacks at minimum instead of maximum, and makes them take longer to get 50 stacks.

When you see them begin bursting, Cyclone if you can, or have someone interrupt. Either way, you shut down most of their burst right there, not all of it but most of it will go down the drain.

literally just kick the soul rot or drain life at 50 stacks it’s really not that complicated, lining darksoul and dark glare isn’t that hard either

Must be nice at the 1300 bracket where the lock or their teammates dont cc

yeah it’s a good time :woozy_face: