Aerie Peak - In Vanilla/Classic - Looking for You!

Hello my name is Nightsilver (my original character in vanilla era 2006). I have been searching online for various people or guilds from that time in Wow’s history and have only found a few people, and no one has responded back.

I know of Vanillafriends, and have asked around in game or seen familiar names, but i feel there’s a lot more out there, given that Classic is so close to release now.

So here is a few details to maybe get this conversation going, if you know of me or knew of my guild (details below) give me a shout out in game etc, reply here but really hoping to at least chat with some of my old guild people, and possibly join them in classic!

Realm: Aerie Peak
Timeframe: started day 3 of server (Jun 2006).


Nightsilver (NE Priest - Main)
Mirri (NE Hunter - Not 60 till BC)
Eldarmari (NE Druid - Continued on into BC with)

I was a big part of the guild Echoes of Eternity. We were the dominant guild back then, having several server firsts, including Razorgore, Ragnaros, Nefarion, and almost had Cthun, but got beat out by a few minutes by AVALON.

Due to loot drama at the end (month or so before BC release) EOE broke apart, and many went to Horde side. The people who were left, stuck around and ended up merging with AVALON to form Lux Aeterna once BC was released. (Led by HellGoddess)

I was a big part of Lux Aeterna in BC as well, being one of 2 shadow priests, we raided top tier bosses for most of BC, getting beat by the up and coming (no pun intended) guild Uprising.

People I am Looking for Specifically:
Primal (EOE GM)

I found MysticMoon and someone else on Vanilla friends.
Anyone in Lux Aeterna BC Era.

We also had an alt pvp twink guild in BC called “We Have a Tabard”

You can find me at the following:
Raevynwillow (NE Hunter - Main in BFA)
Strangedude (Dwarf Paladin - alt #1)
Shadoworchid (Human rogue - Alt#2)

I still have Nightsilver as well. (He’s level 112 or so)

And IDK if it helps or is allowed but here is my BNet: Raevynwillow#1327

Hope to hear from either from those i listed, or those who played with me over the years. Even if you know said people or others that were in EOE, give me a shout out! I love to talk vanilla days!

Have Fun
Good Luck

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I remember muñeco. Use to come to xroads all the time lol. I was wondering of players back then coming back for classic. I remember sarus,smito and they had a dwarf paladin that came with them also but can’t recall their name. Crazy I remember the guild lux aeterna. Good seeing old players from back then being brought up.

I remember you myself I was a night elf shadow priest in Avalon named Insight