<aeon> lf mythic and heroic raiders

Hello friends from Stormreaver,

We are recruiting right now for Mythic and Heroic raiders. We are the most active guild on the server with the most members but some of our more hardcore members have taken a break and split off so we are trying to bolster our Mythic level players up before Shadowlands.

Please message Daddystreet or reply to this and we’ll trial you.

Team Otter: Wed/Thu 6:30-9:00 PST (Raid Leader Daddystreet/Synali) Heroic and Mythic

Black Team:Tues/Thurs/Sun 5-7:30 PST (Raid Leader Voodue) Heroic and Mythic

Pink Team: Sat/Sun 6:00-whenever 7-9 (Raid Leader Chronican) Normal and Heroic

We do farming contests and auction away 1 year codes :slight_smile: and mounts

We need a healer and ranged dps for our mythic team.