[A][Emerald Dream] <The Intrepid> AoTC Guild LF DPS/Healers for 9.1

Who are we?:

The Intrepid is a guild of like-minded individuals founded in May 2021 on Emerald Dream to provide an inclusive & safe space for all members to pursue their goals within World of Warcraft. The guild’s experienced leadership is composed of officers & leaders from a previous community who have decided to build from the ground up. The guild’s goals are as follows:

  • PvE: The guild’s goal for patch 9.1 is to attain Ahead of the Curve for all raiders. Should there be time at the end of a patch’s lifecycle and the players available, some early Mythic raiding may be attempted. However, The Intrepid is founded as primarily a Heroic Raiding guild. We are currently 10/10 normal, 6/10 heroic! We will be exclusively pushing heroic during our weekly raids, with a normal night for all guild members. Our plan is to keep progressing to ATOC!
    • Mythic+: As well as raiding, the guild is focused on helping all members attain their Mythic+ (KSM, KSC, etc.) goals. The Intrepid values these small group situations to build bonds between our members outside of a raid environment.
  • RP: The goal of the RP branch of The Intrepid to provide members with compelling storylines and guidance to create and explore their RP characters.
    • “The Intrepid, LLC. offers mercenary contracts to those in need, with options for prorated services. Simply sign this liability waiver and The Intrepid mercenaries will run any and all tasks that regular couriers, bodyguard services, or even law enforcement cannot or will not provide. The Intrepid, LLC. is always taking new applications for contract mercenaries!”
  • Leadership: The Intrepid values new thoughts and ideas in leadership. To that effect, The Intrepid holds an election every six (6) months for a guild master, who nominates officers for each of the branches of the guild.

When do we do the things?: (Times in EST/EDT)

Monday, 8:00pm: Mythic Monday
Tuesday, 8:30-11:00pm: Heroic Raid (Server time: 7:30-10:00)
Wednesday, 8:00pm: Roleplay - this currently varies between storyline RP and bar nights
Thursday, 8:30pm-11:00pm: Heroic Raid (Server time: 7:30-10:00)
Saturday, 8:30pm - Normal Raid

Why us?:
If you have been searching for a competent, friendly atmosphere that provides a safe anti-discrimination guild, we might just be perfect for you.

How to join:
Reach out to me, Maretha (in-game), Mello#1568 (Discord), or Amnond (in-game), Amnond#2272 on Discord, and let’s get talking! We have a brief trialing process to make sure we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us (all discord/in-game-based!).

Our progression raid team has a separate trialing process once you become a member. For questions about raiding, reach out to our raid lead and PvP officer! Kembi in-game, Zakk#0026 on Discord.

bump, they are cool people, you can trust me as a completely unbiased 3rd party