Advice to upgrade PC to SSD

I have definitely noticed since the last couple patches that WoW is running much slower on my PC, so I think I will need to break down and add a solid state drive as recommended. I’m not a computer guru at all, so I don’t really know how to evaluate computer parts or if certain parts would be compatible with my system.

This is my current PC which I bought about two years ago:

This is a 2TB SSD on sale at Best Buy:

Would this SSD work to replace the current hard drive?


Any SSD can replace your current hard drive. Which one you go with is all about preference however if you want one that’s going to last you a few years I would not get the scan disk I would get a Samsung

Once you get it installed I highly recommend doing a fresh install of Windows or you can clone your current hard disk to the new SSD using a free program called Reflect. Most ssds also come with their own hard disk cloning software

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It can, but that one is a SATA SSD. I’d probably suggest you buy a nvme SSD(they look like board sticks) if you’re buying a new one, one that is well reviewed. Some SSDs also don’t come with a cache, which can reduce performance and drive life.

I haven’t kept up with SSD reviews that well, but Western Digital Black, Samsung 970 Evo are decent picks without much fuss. There’s also the new SK Hynix Gold P31(note the lettering) nvme which was said to be very fast in games from the reviews I saw at the time, but no clue in terms of its reliability as of now. Samsung apparently comes with the best file transfer software included(and not all brands include software I believe, so you’d have to find it yourself), but I can’t confirm/deny that.

These nvme m.2 drives will slot in right into the slot right below the graphics card, and above the MSI logo on your motherboard(if the board in the link is the same as the one you have). You slot it into the slot, then you must screw it down into the motherboard. If you don’t have the screw for your motherboard, then you will need to purchase it.

Edit: I saw your computer has optane memory, that’s where the nvme would go, in its place. If you remove the optane memory, you may want to look online(to see how to check) to make sure it’s disabled first in the software before removing, to be on the safe side.

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Darknesself I know you’re trying to be helpful and thank you but have to realize this person is on a pre-built computer and 90% of what you said was probably Japanese to them.

Also the OPs motherboard does not have m.2s. So they are going to need a sata SSD similar to the one they linked to replace their current hard drive. Sometimes it’s best to leave things simple not make them more complex on the person. A SATA SSD will be a simple swap. Easy plug-in play

To the OP? Get the Samsung or Wetern Digital of what you linked. Will last much longer


Are you sure of that? I checked the link they mentioned, and their computer comes with a MSI B360M Bazooka motherboard based on the pictures, which seems to have 1 m.2 slot, which is currently being populated by the included 16 GB optane memory.

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That’s kind of my point this is a simple thing to people who build their own systems and things like that but to someone who doesn’t it can feel quite complex.

Where is swapping out from a normal hard drive to a SATA SSD is s very a simple process that even non tech-savvy people can do

My point was the direction you were going maybe a little too complex for the OP. I’m not saying it wasn’t good advice. It was actually very good advice. It’s just little more complex than it needs to be. Normally when people buy pre-built systems there is a reason for it. On top of that m.2 2TB would practically be double the price

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Thank you both for the advice. :slight_smile:

I will likely go with Shiftydruid’s suggestion. I understand what Darknesself is saying, but when it comes to actually cracking open my PC and messing with stuff inside, I’m a little intimidated by that and would be too afraid to destroy something if I start screwing extra things in there that weren’t there before. I’ll be much more comfortable if I can just unplug the old hard drive and plug the new one into its place.

I appreciate you!


Enjoy and GL Op!

Sandisk/Western Digital does have its own software to clone/copy. I upgraded the 240GB SSD my computer came with to a 512 GB Sandisk. Seems to be working well so far.

Yeah, my computer does have a m.2 spot, but opted to not go this route.