Advertiser Chat

It specifically said in the clarifying blue post it has to be done on the player-character participating in the activity.
If you’re advertising on Zabuza but planning to play Zabuzb you’re breaking the new rules about advertising.

No they need to remove the automatic squelch they have currently.

Trade chat is advertiser chat because it is for trading good and services which boosting is.

They should instead push back of the false reporting is a massive problem.

Same in real life JD vs AH iykyk

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It is nice to see ryu’s fireball gang missing from the trade channel. Sorry, but if a low level hits more than twice a minute with their ad, I report as spam. Never again.

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if it’s what the ToS is then yes the legit boosters will

I don’t really know who these people are. But looking at what they write and considering it’s going to a website best bet is these are rmt. These ads I report each time

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I sell on 4 characters and you cant tell which one youre going to sell on until someone whispers you because you swap for specific armor stacks. I know people that have had voice calls with blizzard admins and this was not targeting max level alts. Only meant to stop cross realm gold and add only toons.

Here is the post I’m referring to:

The way it is written heavily implies advertising on alts who aren’t doing the carry directly is violating the new rules.
I tend to give max level characters in the guild they advertise for the benefit of the doubt, but low level alts are getting reported instantly.


No, because boosts are still unsupported transactions. They aren’t going to make a channel for something unsupported.

If you have no intention of using the toon in the advertised run, no matter the level, you are in violation of the new terms.

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That’s how I do it. High level players get a pass. Low level toons get reported.

Go get a real job.

I made my own chat channel. Why cant they do it now?

False petitions are not just an unproductive use of your friend’s time, but of our Game Masters’ as well. Each report given to us is fully investigated, and if we find a player has a pattern of this behavior, they may have their account noted or receive a warning. In ongoing cases, account suspension or even permanent closure could occur.

Chat Channels don’t need to change, because the way people use them won’t change either. People will post everything to trade like they do now because its where the most people are.

I propose a new feature called “ONE” which can be toggled on and off by right clicking on a players name in the chat window. When “ONE” is toggled ON, your account will only ever see ONE thing in trade chat per day from that player’s account, all other trade chat is blocked and you will never see it.

Let them have their ONE ad a day, even if they had 10 accounts posting at once they will use up their one ad per account pretty fast. Even people interested in boosting don’t need to see ads as often as they do now.

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The question really is, how will they enforce their rules? If player reports from the group finder and trade chat result in a temporary removal of the offending character’s listing/posts from your view and there is no follow-up, then the ad may still be in the group finder and the character may still be spamming trade chat tomorrow.

I think there should be a “player character services” channel as well as certain other additional channels, like “political topics”. Players who report boosting spam would be given an option to “move to player services channel”. With a minimal number of reports that ad would move, and everything that player posted would end up in that channel, too.

Spam was way out of control. It doesn’t appear to be on any realms I play on any longer.

Yeah, like they follow the rules about not using group finder to advertise… The only way to address this situation is to hire actually people who deal with the spam real time and can monitor the RMT sales being advertised every day.

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Cry me a river. The only thing that can happen automated is a silence until a gm looks into it. If you spam so much 20 players reported you that’s a problem in itself beyond what you are spamming for. If people are getting real bans that means a gm investigated and found the player to be in tos violation for what ever reason.

Yes I hate boosters and I think boosters are the main reason the game has gone down hill. Can’t wait until they ban all boosting

I know a lot of advertiser and I do always ask them about it and they said they dont know who they are. Obviously I dont know if they’re lying or not but some of them are my friends so I dont see the reason why they should lie about it.

Agree. I mean you only really need 1 guy and just open up group finder to see. You gotta be blind not to even put 2 and 2 together

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They have said in Blue post they are clearly legal and allowed?