Adopt Lil’Maggz the Baby Pit Lord!

Adopt Lil’Maggz the Baby Pit Lord!

What’s more adorable than a Pit Lord? A baby Pit Lord! Take this adorable prince of Outland everywhere you go when you adopt him from the Shop—now available for a limited time.

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He is delightful.

Hey, why’d you post this twice?


Got her/him/it?!

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I know it’s likeable, but no need for two threads to advertise.


Looking forward to it in 3 months on the Trader post

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:


No. Fix the game instead

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Why is there a Feat of Strength for a Blizzard Store pet?

Is this your way of letting other players know how to “call out” players who buy things from the Blizzard Store before the Trading Post? >_>


It ought to be a feat of strength to wait three months for it to come out in the trading post.

Good things come to those who wait? Versus FOMO

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

It’s my battle pet. I need it now!

why does he look like how I imagine every player on the sargeras server looks irl?


I’ll just wait until it pops up at the Trader’s Post.

FOMO doesn’t work anymore, not since you started giving away old rare stuff via the trading post and Twitch drops.


or wait… :thinking:

They say right in the article it is coming to the trading post.

Oh really? lol classic

(i just read and responded to the forum post itself)

I figured. Just wanted you to know.

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Does this really bother anyone (being “called out”). Ive personally never seen it happen.

It did back when they first added the sparkle pony, but it really hasn’t been an issue for years. There are things that are are totally acceptable to the community in modern WoW that would have made people move server and hide in shame back in the day lol

We can buy gold with a credit card and pay people to take us places and nobody even bats an eyelid, we’re in a very different era.

I got the celestial steed and never got any backlash. (that I noticed…maybe people called me all sorts of names that I just didnt see. :-D))) )