Adjusting Mythic Dungeon Difficulty

We are fixing an issue with the difficulty of Mythic Dungeons (Mythic 0) not being increased by the intended amount with the start of Season 3, which has caused an unintended difficulty gap between Mythic 0 and Mythic +2.

After the change goes live momentarily, it should help make advancing from Mythic 0 dungeons into attempting Keystones feel smoother and less of a big jump in difficulty.

How about removing that hidden 30% HP/15% DMG buff to enemies from M+ so it’s actually playable?

No one asked you to increase difficulty by 5 key levels instead of 3 in season 3…


Any update on ele shamans?

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All warlock specs say welcome to the club! XD

so will a 15 from before these hotfixes and 15s after feel the same?


Maybe they realized that keys are a joke compared to raids for the rewards they give and are making it slightly harder?

Don’t worry it will still be WAY easier to get the free weekly 278 gear from mythic+ than 278 gear from the raid. Nobody has even killed the first mythic boss yet and the US raid day is just about over. Heck, only 3 guilds are past 8/11 heroic.

Keys feel significantly easier this week so I’m not sure if they actually changed anything or if the last weeks affix combination was too hard. +15s feel like actual +15s and a lot of them are easy to do on +17/18 key level and higher already.

Only key that got scuffed today was DoS +15 because the entire group got disconnected several times in the middle of bosses due to Bnet issues.

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What Killshot just said is completely right!

What is a matter with the dev team doing hamfisted changes like this and ninja patching them in. I had to learn from a 3rd party why the dungeons are so screwed up now.

Stop messing with the game and making it overly difficult to cater to the esports crowd.


Ah, the siren song of the ignorant.


Ah, the obnoxious sound of the elitest.


I’m not the one who doesn’t know that 30% is the difference between a key level. If “esports players” wanted 30% more health, they’d go from 20 to 21.

I know you’re just meming now, so it is what it is, but try harder please.

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The scaling is harder because once we get more ilvl and double legendaries along with teirsets keys will be actually braindead at anything below 20.

Next time, could you document the seasonal M+ adjustments? There’s about 5 key levels’ worth of HP/damage of difference between S2 / S3 that somehow never made it into the patch notes.

I don’t think people really understand the raw power we’re going to have in about 6 weeks.

Doing PTR keys, as a PUG we absolutely crushed the +15 keys and 3 chested the HoA, followed it up to a 17 MotS (because of a bug on the PTR), and missed 3 chesting it by about a minute. I was immortal as a Prot Paladin, the group was doing 15-18k DPS throughout the entire runs. This is with everyone being unoptimized in PvP gear at around 267 itemlevel, so much lower than the 272 from KSM and 275’s we get from weekly vaults.

I totally get that this feels bad now, but everyone that’s complaining about should probably instead be complaining about the near 40% power increase everyone will receive that has to be balanced around.

This patch, quite literally has not even started yet for 99% of the playerbase.

That’s kind of what I’m seeing things going towards. We’re going to get a massive passive damage increase, but it’s going to be slow and incremental. People are starting to get their 2-piece bonuses and in 2 weeks we get our dual legendaries.

I’m already seeing people doing 15k overall dps in keys.

It’s called bad game design if you can’t make a smooth transition of power. Players shouldn’t feel less useful.

I doubt people care, because they kinda have to play the game now. If they were told to unsub until “the patch really started”, or given free subs until then, maybe that’d be something they’re fine with. Idk.

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I mean this may come as a shock to you, but when new patches come out, everything gets harder. This is how every patch has ever happened. You don’t go into a new patch and feel exactly as powerful as the previous until you get the new current gear and can appropriately do it again. Idk why this is even a problem to anyone. It’s meant to feel hard on patch release because we’re wearing gear from last season.

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No one questions that dungeons will change with a new patch, but it is poor form to simply not tell the player base what to expect.

Go compare the 9.1 patch notes to 9.2, and you’ll notice one of those things is not like the other. There’s a distinct lack of this in the latter.

The following changes go live with Season 3 on March 1:

  • Mythic+ dungeon’s enemy damage has been increased by 47% and enemy health increased by 47%.

I think most of it is impatience. Even if there is a much larger difficulty disparity and the reason is because of the power we will have by the time the patch is over… who knows how long we will have this patch? I can agree that not telling us what changes are being made clearly is a bad thing, but the arguments I’ve read have been to change it back because “who cares what our power will be later, we need to play it now” okay, then… do a lower difficulty until you get the power? We’re gonna be in this patch for at minimum 7-8 months, so why should it be changed to match CURRENT POWER when in a couple of months the complaints will just be “MAN THIS IS TOO EASY WTF BLIZZ” instead of what this is all about. I get it, they need to communicate better, but its not bad game design. This is intentional and will be fine once everyone reaches the planned power levels of the patch.