ADHD and Pesky Quest Givers That Follow You

As someone with ADHA, I have a problem with some quests. As an accessibility issue, there needs to be a better way to get rid of these pesky quest givers that fly around with you and keep bugging you, where you have done the quest on an alt before and didn’t like it. And it needs to be something other than accepting the quest, turning off tracking on the quest, but still have it cluttering up your quest log.

Not to mention what happens when you get into a fight and have one of these flying pests around, bobbing up and down, and then click on them, and getting the quest popup, and not being able to see the fight.

We get that you really like your fancy quests, but, for instance, when my character is iLvl 435 and the quest reward is iLvl 345, all I get is a bit of gold that might pay for the repairs.


I also have ADHD, and I don’t know if I would specifically classify this as an “accessibility issue” but I will say, having an annoying little flying thing follow you around and nagging you is definitely frustrating. Especially when you’re trying to concentrate on doing other stuff.

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Let me agree 100%. I have ADHD as well and I have missed important things, because of the pesky little buggers.

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As someone who doesn’t have ADHD, I completely agree. Usually it’s trivial to pick up their quest and turn it in, after which you can just ignore the follow up forever, but it’s still annoying.

A good example of this is when unlocking the Broken Isles on alts. The game pesters you to start your artifact questline despite it being completely redundant now.

(I know you can reach the Isles with the portal and avoid the failed landing entirely but you need to do it properly if you want the Dalaran Hearthstone)

They’re annoying, but the far bigger issue for me is how every single event seems to be on a timer. Most people with ADHD also have Time Blindness. It would take paragraphs to fully describe the impact it has in this context because Timers seem to be a core part of everything that’s open-world in Dragonflight. You’re also missing things or rushing to get to things, it feels like.

Actually to amend my previous comment, I’d forgotten that the Dalaran Hearthstone is now a toy so you won’t even need to unlock it on an alt.

Even though it’s a toy, you still need to do “In the Blink of an Eye” in order for an alt to be able to use it. If they haven’t they get an error along the lines of “you can’t do that now” if you try to use it.

Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks for clarifying.

Similarly (though not specifically about Legion), the Garrison hearthstone is a toy but until you establish a level 1 garrison, it can’t be used.