Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic

And then a world wide pandemic happened.

People grossly over exaggerate the impact of layering.

Some feel having to log in at 1pm to make their 9pm raid and pray for no disconnect isn’t really a “classic experience”

The September/October implementation of layering will do zero to improve the lotus issue. More layers = longer lotus timer.

I mean you can solve the queue issue here, sure, but let’s not talk about lotus as a reason to keep the queue when you’re just going to let more people onto the server anyway.


GET RID OF LAYERING IT IS LITERALLY RUINING THE GAME, WORLD BOSSES ARE BROKEN NOW. This is the worst solution you could of come up with… Very disappointing but not surprised.


They became a joke in August

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Each layer has its own independent spawn timers.

So when Kazzak or Azuregos decides to spawn on one layer, it doesn’t affect the other layer at all. This way, a dominant guild wouldn’t kill him, and then layer-hop to kill him again.

The Dragons of Nightmare are also tracked independently on each layer. All four dragons spawn at once on a layer when its time for them to do so.

FWIW, the fishing tournament is different. It’s tracked globally, and will only have one winner per realm each week.


Unlike pirate servers, Blizz servers have actual security.


Thank you for responding. I am disappointed in what layering has done to the world boss scene, but I do appreciate the communication.

So you opened up Earthfury and our vanilla like full server went from almost a 50/50 split with a healthy economy. To a huge majority horde and now the economy is busted. You should of just made a new server for all those people to go to. Almost everyone i’ve talked to that was on the server before yall screwed us over hates that you did this. How hard would it have been to make sure the population balance was kept.


Each layer has its own independent spawn timers.

Way to ruin wbosses too, what’s so special about a wboss if it spawns 10 times a reset? How can you even post this without realizing how awful it is?


The vast majority of people will never see one anyways and don’t care.


Free transfers are still the solution to this problem. It’s just that it has to be done differently than it has been done so far.

Free transfers have to be done with faction balancing in mind–on a Horde dominated server, Alliance can’t leave, it has to be Horde, for example. The target server would be a server that is underpopulated by Horde. Stalagg–>Heartseeker, for example. If the faction pops are both balanced, similar numbers of both faction must be transferred off server.

The transfers also have to be done with transparency. Players should sign up for transfers days in advance, and the community should be updated on how many people are signing up to go. That way, you know that you aren’t the only guy evacuating to a dead server; this will encourage more participation, like a go-fund-me for fixing the server pops.

I don’t believe this solution would be particularly hard to implement. If this fails and you still don’t get enough interest from players to transfer to dead servers, then layering should be a last resort.


What does that even mean? Security is now an excuse for doing a poor job on maintaining performance?

Agreed, but this wasn’t followed and now Horde are everwhere on earthfury. We had a close to 50/50 split before. Now our only solution is to let more alliance in or kick some horde out. Too bad that wont happen now because we are a mega server thats now horde dominated.

Finally! Thank you!

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“There will never be layering after phase 1, period. Quote me on that.” - Ion 2019


That actually makes it easier for the top guild to kill him. Also how is it fair for world races and general competition when some servers are now going to have this extra influx of gear and money to their top guilds? They aren’t getting it because they are displaying extraordinary skill, they’re getting it because blizzard is giving them an extra layer.

Let’s not get crazy now, just means I get more free loot. While the small guilds continue to get run over.

When are you going to address the population concerns of the retail servers?

They allowed free/paid transfer. People didn’t take them

Its YOUR fault not Blizzards.