Address your players

remove queue. let everyone in.


Hold a people responsible for being bad or they’ll continue to be bad. I quit after Cata because I didn’t like the direction the game was going not because of the inability to give me a basic service i pay for.

The players decided to leave their server, and pay 25$ to join another server. Some of them effectively making mega servers, people have to pay 25$ to transfer… for each character. I’m simply not understanding how its anyone else’s fault but the players.

Ok so you play on your server now, 3 months from now THOUSANDS of alli come on and you can get into raids or quest or do professions because its 99% alli. You want to play with your friends who are going to a new server. What do you do? go to a dead server alone or want o keep raiding with your friends? I don’t understand how this is the players fault when they wouldn’t have left if the actions of blizzard didn’t cause the problem to begin with?

exactly, we need to shout and make noise until they fix their broken game but players like twomcchicken make it hard because they’ll just slurp up any feces covered excuse that blizzard tosses them

Yes, there is an unfortunate (but small) group of folks who had their servers transition from normal servers to mega servers. If you were one of those people, this really sucks for you! Like for real, I have genuine, heartfelt sympathy for you.

However, you’ve had a month of warning that this is no known solution to this problem and so you, and your friends, must individual decide which of the above mentioned options you want to pursue… wait, transfer, or quit.

It sucks, but again, that’s the reality of the situation. I didn’t say it was good.

Because why would it be Blizzard’s fault, if the PLAYERS decided to pay 25$ to transfer servers. Yes, a cap could’ve been added, but that means other mega servers would have been formed, as we can see the the current locking servers situation. And the people who missed out wouldn’t be able to do stuff like you mentioned with their friends

They players decided to do it because Blizzard allowed the server we started on to become so unplayable it was 1)Move to a new server with other horde (or alli) players OR be unable to play the game at all becuase you cant leave a major city without being camped by 7 raid groups. Even when i asked them directly about transfers i posed their literal response in a previous post “we must limit ourselves to uphold the integrity of the game for the larger community” Bene and Feralina ARE the larger community so if that’s what they said they need to stand by it and fix it based around their statements.

They already made an extensive post on the subject.

Right which was 26 days ago so they klnow they cant increase servers so now we need a different answer that keeps people connected

Used free xfer to sulfuras, now sulfuras has ques. This is a blizzard issue


Just out of curiosity, do you know about the health of the other relevant servers they could have chosen from? I’m from one of the servers that turned 95H/5A. Earthfury was unplayable as alliance but no one gave those that remained free transfers. I paid to pull a good numbers of toons to a new server. I’m not going to a PvE server or an RP server; I want a PvP server like the one I came from. I’m not moving to one that’s already imbalanced to the Horde so that I can pay in 8-10 months to move them all again when it collapses. I’m not moving to an EU or west coast server where I’ll be out of sync with everyone else’s raid times. I have a job. So before you pronounce thyne decrees, just answer me one question: What is the healthy alternative I should have taken to not run afoul of your proclamations? Name ANY viable east coast / Central PvP server I could have gone to during P2 of tbc that was still a healthy, balanced server 2 months ago. Thanks in advance!

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The classic community is anti-cross realming the game, which is the actual solution path to all of the full/dead server nonsense.

But since it’s a “retail” feature the classic community pretty much explodes at the idea of playing on Windrunner and grouping with someone from Benediction to raid or do arena game.

Only five hours? Mah gawd.

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How have you guys not transferred to another server if queues are so bad, it’s free right? Can you not just select another free transfer if the one you transferred to happened to become full? Just curious cause I have a mild queue on mine but at least I get to play lol

it’s right, to a certain extent. classic doesn’t drive the revenue of the company like the other titles. it’s the limit of the architecture in place without expending more resources that won’t be justified. sucks to say, but our voices on classic just really aren’t that important to their bottom line

Grobbulus, and Yojamba are PvP servers and had a healthy population as of about 2 months ago… Seems like you were getting your info from some streamer or youtuber like asmongold which of whom tend to say stuff that their fans just take and run with, if you yourself kept an eye on ironforge pro you would’ve seen this. If you can’t handle a little more of a horde population, idk what to tell ya, join a rp server, theres already a ton more horde toons anyway.

Yep - there are no queues here on Yojamba, population is fairly balanced. Server is stable, everything working great.

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I have a solution, make servers that are better equipped to handle an influx of players that I’m sure their analytic team was able to formulate for them.

Don’t cuck for Blizz

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