Addons that Tell when I Dodge

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the settings or an Addon that show when I dodge?

I thank you in advance. ^^

Edit: When no one wants to help me, I feel horrible.

This is a pretty slow moving forum, so it can sometimes take some time for a response.

You’ll probably have better luck if you posted this question in the UI and Macro Forum, where it will be in front of people with more specific knowledge about your question.

I haven’t been playing much, but don’t dodges show up on the player portrait on their unit frame by default? If it’s not working, it may be an addon setting. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you may want to be more specific about what you want.

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You are right Udiza! It’s a bit slow here. I am so impatient. I’ll work on it. I apologize.

I should be more specific. And I should post on correct forums next time. Thank you.

Do Dodges show on the Character Portrait but not on the Toon? I remembered it all wrong. If Dodges show on Character Portrait, then that’s all I need. I just didn’t know where to look. Thank you very much. ^^