AddOns experiencing a large number of errors

My priest (Jinmaju on Warsong) and only my priest almost always gets this error when I try to play him. Pretty much everything except movement isn’t even registered by the game (for example, if I push the hotkey for or click on my Shadow Word: Pain ability, absolutely nothing happens–it doesn’t even light up. I’ve been having this problem since the beginning of Dragonflight but decided not to bother trying to get it fixed until I got my new computer (which I just got).

I don’t see how this can be an addon issue–Not only do I not have any addons, this computer has never had any addons. I have also not transferred a single file over from my old computer yet, so it can’t be a copied file corrupting my new computer.

Thank you in advance for the assistance!

If you are certain (absolutely) that you have no addons then possibly (probably) an old macro that uses some functionality that is no longer “viable”.

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Oh! That is a good idea. My priest happens to be one of only two characters that uses character-specific macros, so that would make a lot of sense! I’ll go delete them all and check if that helps.

I still have the issues :frowning: I’m really confused by all this because this is a brand-new computer, and I haven’t downloaded any addons…also, it only happens to that one character.

I appreciate the help.

If you can post the actual error text(s), it might help diagnose.

I do not get any texts beyond a pop-up saying something to the effect of my addons are experiencing a large number of errors with it asking if I want to ignore the warning or disable my addons.

That would indicate you have addon(s) (or still have at least one macro) installed.

Turn on Display lua errors by running:

/console scriptErrors 1

Thank you, was trying to figure out how to.

Everything is Blizzard something

is another example

you ruled out addons because it only happens on this one character but if you have a weakaura that only loads on your priest then it could be causing the problem. If a bad addon can cause taint making errors appear in other code. Also double check if you may have an addon that is only loaded on your priest or that uses a different build on your priest.

I got a brand-new computer today and have never used an addon on it. I’ve also never used WeakAuras, not even on my old computer.

First I would try exiting the game and renaming the WTF folder (eg. WTFSaved) for the game version you are trying to log into (you can do the same with the Interface folder as well, just in case) . Then log in again. A new default WTF (and Interface) folder will be created.

If you still get errors, download/reinstall the game from scratch.

If it does work you can try deleting the new WTF folder and copy (not rename) the old one back and then find your priests character setting and delete them before logging in again.

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I tried renaming my folders as you suggested, but I still have the errors. This is a fresh install I’m working with already–it finished downloading 5 minutes before I made this post. I was having these issues on my old computer, so the first thing I did upon installing WoW was to log onto that character to see if it worked.

Then possible something wrong with what’s saved on the server.

Run the following command then restart the game.
/console cvar_default


That worked! Thank you very much!

Wild. I would not have expected CVars to cause errors like that but I’m glad it’s resolved.

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Default would turn off.