Addon which collect all items for all characters (Item inventory, Profs, Gold etc)

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with an app (maybe it doesn’t exist), but i was hoping someone would take separate addons and merge them. I’d like to see a gold count on all toons across all servers (To tell you how much you have), Also when you open each personal GB it takes inventory of what you have, does the same thing on all toons when you sign in, and also uses this info to help spread out mats for lower level characters levelling professions. So your not deleting or selling something you can actually use. I know this is a pipe dream, but an all in one that does, item inventory, profession crafting and gold gathering…just a thought. Please don’t need negative trolls. I was just more curious if i was alone in this thinking?

Altoholic will do a lot of that. I’ve also used Arkinventory in the past to keep track of stuff on alts. (You can actually pull up a read only version of alt’s banks and inventories based on your last login of them.)

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Bagnon or BagSync will give you the item counts for other characters in each item’s tooltip and also add up the gold. There are addons which show you in the tooltip of mats, for which professions these can be used. But so far I have not found an addon that would also show you if a character still needs that mat to level up their profession. This would be really great!