Addon to completely hide markers on self?

The hideous markers that some addons automatically put on me when I’m tanking, or in solo shuffle, is there any way I can hide them? Remove instantly and automatically, or hide them, permanently, forever.

They are distracting, and I already know where everyone is. They actually interfere with my gameplay.

Edit: Found one:

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They arent for you, they are for other people. In a mass of mobs, you are not easy to find, in the same vein, identifying the back of a mob in a sea of mobs can be nearly impossible. However, if the tank is marked its rather safe to assume the mob is facing the tank.
A tank being marked is part of the role, perhaps the role isnt for you.


if you can’t see the tank in a group of mobs maybe healing isn’t the role for you Raven being marked is not part of being a tank


Being marked absolutely is part of the role of being the tank. The tank leads the party, the tank sets the pace. To do both of those things, the tank must be visible in a group of 20+ mobiles with multiple spell effects going off. Not every tank is a tauren in a party of gnomes. So wear your mark.


Sorry late answer

For mythic+ I get it, though as a healer main I’ve never needed it. When I see other people’s screens I immediately think, yeah maybe don’t drown your interface in addons and you’ll be able to see more stuff. But I digress.

But there are some people using auto-markers in normal dungeons and I don’t need nor want that distraction.

And lastly, the markers themselves are in dire need of a visual update.