Addon that shows what rares are up?

Does anyone know of any addon that shows what rares are currently active in Nazjatar, and Mechagon? I heard of a weak aura that kinda works for this, if you see the rare, or if someone else does that also has the addon. I’d kinda just must rather a self-updating addon that works by players seeing the rare recently. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is in the wrong place to post.

Edit: I have addons that show me where the rares are located, I’m just more so looking for anything that would show me if the rare is currently active or not.

Tom Cat I think it is, shows you where they all are, and if you have done them that day.
doesnt show you when they are up though. Not sure there is an add on that will just know when one spawns?


Handynotes, rare scanner or tom cat.

I use tomcat’s rares and it is fantastic. Also I highly doubt any add on would tell you what rares are up. It wouldn’t know besides the ones that do zone broadcasts or that you are in range to see the silver arrow anyways.

Handy notes with Tom Cats Tour addons for it, you’ll need the one for Naz and Mech.

Any rare scanner addons can only tell you a rare is up if it is near you. It won’t just tell you that a rare has spawned on the other side of the zone.

I think he’s looking for one that is more along the line of what we had on timeless isle. You could zone in and it would update from anyone else there with the addon running on how much time was left for a rare to spawn.

I would love it if one of those existed, but I don’t think Blizzard allows those types of addons to exist anymore.

always wonder why they didnt do the star(or skull) mark on map liek they did in older xpac :thinking:

I use TomCat’s Tours for the rare tracking and SilverDragon for the “I SEE YOU” sound warnings. SilverDragon’s rare locations are actually a bit inaccurate.

I use tomcat’s tours to add the rare locations to the world map. I also have rarescanner which alerts me with a loud noise when a nearby rare is up. Yes, rarescanner also adds them to the map, but I disabled them since I prefer tomcat’s minimalist star markings over rarescanner’s clutter.

I can just fly past their marked spawn points and investigate when rarescanner starts yelling at me.

I use RareScanner cause it works in any zone, NPCScan cause it’s pretty similar but with sound and screen alerts. RareTrackerMechagon (RTM), RareTrackerNazjatar (RTN), RareTrackerUldum (RTU), RareTrackerVale (RTV), of course you would need the RareTrackerCore (RT) for the other 4 to work. It’s like RareCoordinator for the Timeless Isle, on a peer to peer network. Meaning if someone else spots a rare that has the addon, and your anywhere the addon will show you that the rare is up. It keeps timers so if your around the area long enough you can watch those timers to see the spawn rate of said rares. I just got Warfront Rare Tracker too… Gonna see how well that works. Says it keeps track of your Warfront kills and auto resets once they’re available again.

There are two addons most people use for this; left eye and right eye.


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I think that was rare scanner

Pst this is like a 1 year necro.

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Someone needs to create an addon that focuses on the dreamsurge empowered rares, to make it easier to locate those rares for gear pieces.