Addon for SL Mission/Command Table?

Is there an addon that could automate setting up your team for the missions in SL?
And possibly also determine if you’re gonna win/lose or predict success rate?

The addons I’ve encountered so far are only applicable for the tables in previous expansions.

Any info would be well appreciated. Thanks!


There’s a bit of difficulty in doing it due to how the table works from what I understand, so there isn’t an addon for it currently.


Just want to update: I found an addon for the SL adventure table. It’s called Venture Plan. It significantly improves the UI, and it also predicts whether your setup will be a success or not. I’m not sure if this is 100% reliable, especially for missions where it’s not deterministic (attacks a random enemy/debuffs a random enemy). This addon improves the AT experience a lot.

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Where did you see it? I’m not finding it on curse or wowinterface.

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It’s not maintained through any of the addon manager programs, which is…well, it is what it is. WoWHead had a writeup on it though.

I’m still holding out hope for something more like Garrison Mission Manager, but I’ve got it in the meantime (along with Covenant Mission Success Estimates which is a little better and more specific for the success chances, and is available through Curseforge/Overwolf/etc)

So I tried the suggested “Venture Plan” addon and I have to agree… it’s really awesome. Yes… I wish it was on CurseForge… I hate manually adding and maintaining addons… but it definitely does the job and does it well.

Yes!! It even has more features now such as tentative parties, auto optimize positioning, and death runs for exp. Really a must have :slight_smile: