Addon for marked Map

Is there any addon for pet battlers to use that would tell you if you did a pet battler tamer for that zone…I know when I do my dailies in SL the mark for that Tamer goes away for that day…what I am looking for is for zones outside of SL …like MoP and other zones I am leveling up a HM Tauren Rogue…hehe no jokes lol…and like something to mark each battler I have done for the day to use. Thanks all…

Battle Pet Daily Tamer will hide paws on the map for tamers you’ve completed. You can turn on/off inactive tamers from the slide-out button at the map’s tracking button in the topright. If inactive tamers are enabled they’ll be greyed out instead of hidden.


Thank you, Gello I’ll check it out

Edit …prefect Gello…works like I wanted it too.