Additional realm mergers?

So, idk if this is the best place for this topic, but I’d like to advocate for additional realms being merged into the Durotan/Ysera server. When the realms first merged it was great, but since then it seems like many people have quit playing or transferred to other realms. There’s like 2 serious raiding guilds for the Alliance it seems and that’s disappointing.

The LFG tool is not really a healthy solution to a low pop realm. So, perhaps as Blizz connects more realms in the future we could get connected to 2 other low pop realms to boost our numbers?



There’s a couple that look like they’re improving (one looks like a merger?), but I wouldn’t say we’ve had a “serious” raiding guild on this realm for a long time.

Before Chimera transferred off, their guild master threw a ticket in asking when we were getting more realm connections due to the dwindling raiding scene on our realm. He was basically told that, if it were to happen, our realm was unlikely to be in the pool to be connected to another realm because we (supposedly) still have a lot of non-raiding casual players, and thus “too many” to be eligible to be connected.

Even now, at 7:48AM server time, we’re still listed as a “high” population realm ( I’m not sure what qualifies as “high” population, but there’s a ton of “medium” population realms and their numbers don’t take just raiders into account. So basically we’re screwed unless they also merge high pop realms.

You can partially thank LFR and our various cesspool guilds on Ysera/Durotan for this population predicament. Of course BFA and its raids and class mechanics being terrible contributes to this; I can’t blame people that previously raided for not wanting to do so right now since I came back for a short time and hated the experience (not the guild; I do like these people for what it’s worth).

If they don’t give us a good realm connection (and I mean good - taking our population imbalance between Alliance and Horde and our raiding populations into account as well), our only hope would be passionate guilds and recruiting officers on our realm recruiting people from off-realm. That was what kept Winter Shadow going and it worked until BFA sapped the fun out of the game and we just fell out of love with it. I know that EoC is recruiting cross-realm and building their team, I would assume Reavers and Dreadlords are doing the same, but three guilds doing that wouldn’t be anywhere near enough, and still only helps one faction.

The other option would be for those recruiting officers to try to find people on this realm that are interesting in improving. Speaking from experience, as Winter Shadow’s former recruitment officer: that’s a very difficult task. I scoured through names and logs for hours on end and found it easier to get people doing OK (not great), but showing signs of improvement, to pay to transfer in rather than find someone on our realm that wasn’t already committed to a raid team that looked like they were really interested in getting better. But we also maintained a strict anti-poaching policy for recruiting on-realm and there were more raiding guilds during that time. Maybe some of those people that were with those teams will come back when Shadowlands releases?

Maybe Shadowlands will be a good expansion and people will come back. Maybe they’ll end up throwing us a bone. I won’t hold my breath on either.

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One can hope.

We do need a server to merge with to help out with the raiding scene here or at least Shadowlands to be good even though I find it ok when playing the beta as it self but it still carries some issues we still have in BFA i.e Classes still rely on external power to be fun or make them FOTM, some Classes still carry the same poor design that is needing of change i.e WW monks, Spriests, Feral druids etc and raid testing hasn’t been announced yet but even though we are getting potentially getting tier sets back after the first raid tier I still find my self asking whats the point of raiding if M+ yields more gear that is better since Uldir when they said tier sets are removed.

However, One can hope for Shadowlands to be good or at least Blizzard does come in and merge a server with us.

Ysera has been dead for a while and I’ve been saying that so why is it news now ?lawl