Add the Black hairstyles to the Forsaken

  1. They were once humans too
  2. Type 3 and 4 hair (ie curly/nappy) actually lasts longer than straight hair in the tomb because the curl pattern is caused by different amounts of sulfur bonds in the protein chains, which in turn repels water (and thus rot). This is why Cleopatra’s wigs of Jheri curls/etc are all intact.
  3. This includes beards, ibid same reason
  4. Hair is dead.
  5. It’d be cool

just gonna say it: this isn’t the worst idea.

…wait, i worded that wrong…

this is a pretty good idea. :+1:


Ooooo I like this idea a lot.

Every race should have black and white hair imo


Everyone knows when you die your hair turns blue.

I don’t think he meant black like color, well kinda like color I guess just not hair color.

He wants undead afros.

Also there is no way hairstyle 4 is called that is there?

It’s an IRL way to categorize hair texture (and thus sulfur content in hair) by the beauty industry

I love how in the BFA (Horde) questline theres this tidesage who asks to become a forsaken, and he’s got this big bushy blonde beard… and after he gets “forsakenified” he is immediately shown to be cleanshaven.

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Except Derek Proudmoore

Who is allowed to have a beard because reasons

Even though being underwater would’ve caused his beard to rot :V not to mention deep sea bacteria eating the protein

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It’s only been 20 years.
Suramar proved that plot armor has a 10,000 year plus duration.

Also let similar races share hairstyles! Taurens/HM Taurens, Orcs/ Draenor Orcs Humans/ Undeads Trolls/Z trolls


All for this. The fact that most hairs are race locked is a bad thing. That half braided half long hair that dwarves just got would look SO good on almost all races.

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Wow this sound real racist

Big afros would be great.

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I support more varied hairstyles for Forsaken.

i don’t get it, forsaken already have black hair

Lazy trolling, do better

okay, that was quick

He means Black, racially diverse hair. Not the color :black_heart:.

one can just say racially diverse hair then

when talking about hairstyles people will definitely get it confused with hair colors

besides, i feel strange calling an entire group of people one color, never will not