Add On Toggle Option

Light Be With You!

I have a suggestion and the In Game path to that team just doesn’t seem to get me to where I need. So I am hoping you might pass the forthcoming suggestion onto the right folks. :smiley:

When a new patch or update comes out, some of the AddOns aren’t updated as quickly as others. I usually shut those off until updated, but it’s easy to forget to recheck them sometimes. So… :sunglasses: What if, in the In-Game AddOns Settings, instead of a two-way OFF-ON switch, have a three-way OFF - ON - OFF UNTIL UPDATE (then turn back on) switch?

I know nothing about coding, but I’m guessing the Addon writer could include some kind of indicator that Blizz UI is looking for as a potential update…?

Anyway, YOU GUYS are the geniuses, and I say that with every bit of due respect. What you all do there isn’t easy and you do it masterfully. Thank you for all the great adventures these past twenty years. I look forward to many more with you.

Brian Frushour
Kerianne (Ysera)