Add more layers to big Servers?


Please add more layers to high population Servers if that can help the queue times. Regular day working people can’t play the game on Weekdays due to coming home to a 16,000 queue.

Did not re-enabled my subscription to sit in WotLK queue and not play the game.

I want to say on the Server I am playing on so don’t say to transfer off.

You can’t solve queues with more layers. Should have transferred off. Good luck in the queue tho!

Couldn’t Blizzard add more servers and link them to the mega servers?

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Not with the classic architecture no, with the retail one yes

Sharding? We are wandering into #nochanges territory now. Don’t upset the classic andys.

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So, sharding would be impossible to implement for classic? Is it a software issue? Does it have to do with the age of the game? Would the code need to be rewritten to allow sharding?

Its a moronic people issue, classic andys and their social interaction.

Logged right in to Pagle.
No que.

Please read what blizzard says on the issues before making the thousandth wrongly informed post.

It’s spam at this point or just pure laziness

Can you link.

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