Ad block for Chrome on Android

I want to use Chrome on my new Android phone, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the plug in, like I could on my desktop. Every option appears to be a separate browser.

Is there any way to block all ads while using Chrome? If not, is there a way to transfer all my info and passwords from Chrome to a new browser?


Unfortunately Chrome for Android has never supported extensions. There are system-level apps that block ads in a more limited capacity, but as long as you’re using Chrome there’s no way to get functionality equivalent to what you have with Chrome desktop.

Firefox for Android on the other hand fully supports extensions, which means you can use uBlock Origin among other blockers with it. I highly recommend switching.

As for transferring, I’m not sure about mobile but the desktop version of Firefox can import your stuff from Chrome, after which you can turn on Firefox Sync to get your stuff over to your phone.


You are an angel, thank you so much! Happy to switch to Firefox.