Active Player just looking for a guild

Mistweaver monk main. I play way too much to not be in an active guild… have discord etc. Love pushing keys/raiding. Anything really. Just looking for some people to play the game I love with

Hit me up on Icecrown sometime, or /who anyone in Veterans of Gallifrey and you will easily get a rundown on what all we do. Provided you understand that we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild, I think you’ll find the Mythic +, casual raid and social guild environment you are looking for.


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I am looking for a new guild and server. My current guild is on Kul Tiras and has dwindled down. I am seeking to start over on a new server and saw your post and guild name. I am a casual player that when the time comes enjoy raiding and running old and new content. I by no means am a hardcore player, just someone who enjoys good friends and a good game. I began just after BC launched and recently returned to game after a hiatus. lmk.