Active Horde Guild for casual raids and Mythic keys?

Looking for something a little more active on Horde side Ysera or Durotan. Fairly newish player but I am a quick learner.

Came back to Ysera to play with friends but I am shocked that it feels that hardly anyone plays anymore.

We’re pretty active at . We’re currently raiding Heroic on Tuesday and Wednesday and doing Normal jointly with on Fridays and Saturdays. We have M+ groups forming on all non raid nights, and plenty of other guild activities to keep people from getting bored.

Send me a Discord message at Zaratta#8070

how long before Oaken Rebirth decides to up and leave like all the others?

Sorry for the delay, work’s been worklike.

Quick answer: We’re not leaving.

Long drawn out answer:
Like I would imagine most raiding guilds on this server, we did talk about this and weigh our options. We know the challenges of raiding on such a small server, but weighed against our connections to this server and friendships we have made, the consensus was to stay put even if it meant slower progression. We, understandably, lost a few heavy hitters who wanted to push progression faster than we were able. Most of them have remained friends, and still occasionally raid and do M+ with us.

We have hopes that Shadowlands will bring about more solutions to the issues guilds, such as ours, have trying to raid on small servers.

So, if fear that we are going to jump servers shortly after you join is holding you back, I assure that is not in our short to medium term future. Come Shadowlands, we may revisit that decision depending on how it changes the game.

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