Active Guilds

Are there any active Guilds at the moment? I just wanted to ask since I would be interested.

Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 we are a pretty active guild.

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We’re active and looking for more DPS for our raid team.

Kindly add me and hopefully we can chat further!


Returning player with questions about raiding. Are there ways to learn how to raid? Don’t want to mentioned that I’m skilled raider so how does one learn how to Raid. Are there any Websites like YouTube to learn the Mechanics and have a smoother adjustment. Like instead of running into the ground and get unintentionally drawing attention? More comfortable to expect instead of going in a place not knowing what to do in a Pug Raid.


Yes. There are typically youtube guides for every boss. Each difficulty (LFR, Norm, Heroic, Myth) have different mechanics.

Before you look up your bosses though it is often important to research your class and specialization to ensure you are properly set up for the type of content you are completing. Do you have the best talents, azerite traits, and essences for single target? AOE? Are you enchanted, gemmed, and do you have consumables? Depending on how hardcore you want to be or what type of content you want to do these steps can be essential.

Icy-veins isn’t necessarily the end-all for class information but it can be a good starting point! Wowhead sometimes has guides. And most classes have their own discord if discussion is more your thing.

Heroic really isn’t very hard at all, and normal is a perfectly fine starting point in my opinion with little to no raiding experience.

Oh and PUG raids are a meme. Even if you know what to do I swear 90% wont.

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