Active Guilds List

This is a list of active guilds for anyone looking, I’ve also set up a Community for Guild Leaders and Officers, msg Bull or add Bull#1747 for an invite.

Please post your guild name, days/time you raid, content you run, and faction. I’ll make a point of keeping the list updated. Thanks


Agents of Change - T/W/Thr (7-10:30) Heroic/Mythic (Aerox#11917, Lace#1242)
Zafirah - Heroic/Mythic M/T 7:30-10 pm Friday fun run 7:30-10 (Chelys)
Dark Tide - M/T/Thr (7:45-10:30) - Heroic/Mythic (Zhengshi, Minorpains)
Défiance - T/W/Thr (8:30-10:30) - Heroic/Mythic (Troysten)
Social Outcasts - T/F/Sat (7-9) Heroic/Mythic (Icemunch)
Intentional Failure - T/W (7:30-10:30) Mythic/Heroic (Kneelandbob, Creepysteve)
Renewed Hope -T/Thr (8-10) Normal/Heroic
Crimson Shadow Guard - Thr/F/Sun (7:30-9:30) Normal/Heroic (Nullex)
Curio - T/Thr (8-11) Heroic (Dalkrim)
Circus of Misfits - T/Thr/Sat (8-10) Normal/Heroic (asalicz)
Kodan Armada-MiA
Post Nerf Kill - On Break till Next Patch (Beric#1475)
Dragon Army - On Break


Kamuy -
No Guts No Glory - Sat/Sun and T/W (7:30-9:30) - Normal/Heroic
This Is Fine -
Warriors of Virtue -
Red Ribbon Army -
Moratorium -
Hordes of Hell -

Last updated 10/24/2019 - Trying to track down those mia’s will update again soon.