Active Guild list by Realm?

Anyone know of an accurate/up to date list of guilds on Uther? I was kind of hoping there would be a guild sticky in here (that used to be a thing when I played years ago) but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

I have returned to the game recently and was interested in shopping for available guilds that might suit me. The in-game guild finder is OK but the interface sucks and it has limited info with only an option to apply to the guild not request more info or ask questions.

This would be a good start until another thread is started!

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Thanks for the reply. I did see that already but wasn’t sure how up to date that is and it really is only helpful if you are focused on raiding which I am not. I would assume there are many guilds that are not listed there because they don’t focus on raiding or only do so casually.

I have resorted to the in-game tool but it leaves a lot to be desired if you want to research a lot of guilds and maybe even talk to someone before actually applying.

Roger that! The Guild Profile on wow progress will show at the bottom the last time it was updated. Many guilds have taken time off before the xpac hits too. I wish you the best of luck finding your next guild!

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So I guess the entire guild recruiting system is completely broken?

The in-game Guild Finder apparently doesn’t even work. You search for guilds and it displays guilds as having 70 or 200 or 600 “active” members but when you do a search of the guild there is nobody online or one person online. You can “apply” to a guild but nobody responds because there likely is nobody there to respond so why it’s listing dead guilds as “active” makes no sense.

This realm specific forum has no guild tracking/recruiting thread and seems mostly inactive. The “Recruitment” forum which has all realms lumped together is a mess. I can search in it for my realm but it only has a few raid specific guilds recruiting that are recent…the rest are posts from like 2018.

How are people finding guilds these days? Are most raiding guilds just self sufficient with current rosters and word of mouth and casual guilds are just dead now or is there some other avenue that isn’t obvious?

Guilds are definitely recruiting but the entire process is decentralized. Some guilds recruit on wowprogress, others try to use the in-game tool, some recruit in trade chat. Thankfully the trend of guilds having their own websites and forums has mostly gone away in favor of discords. On some factions on some servers, the player base is small and connected enough that word of mouth gets the job done.

If I were looking for a guild today I’d go on wowprogress and make a list, then send whispers to players in-game to ask if they’re recruiting. Soon after shadowlands launches it will be very clear which guilds are progressing through Castle Nathria and which are not.

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Thanks. That would be effective for finding a raid-centric guild but if not looking for that…well that doesn’t help much. I did manage to find some guilds using trade chat so all good I guess.