Active Authentication Issues 11/28

Funny how people think the authentication server just deals with logging in. Do you also realize they use the authentication every time you loot or kill something.

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I did not know that. I learned something new today.

Takes 3 minutes to loot a mob on Stormrage.

1 minute per loot?..LOL all i can manage to do is log in…but i get disconnected after under a minute…in which time i cant interact with anything due to crazy lag…Oh and i havent tried to go to dragon isles either…ive literally been trying to level a zandalari paladin…currently in ashenvale…havent been able to do anything at all since the xpac went live.

I am on the same server. Farming Herb and Min sucks but yet I am still doing it

Please just let us know some kind of eta fix for area-52. I don’t care if it’s going to take 10 hours or more, I just want to know when to check back

Update at 8:45 p.m. PST:
We have resolved or minimized the initial issues that players were experiencing and many people are now leveling in the Dragon Isles. We are actively monitoring the realms while we continue to work on some issues like latency while looting.


Go back to how legion did it and let us pick what zone we want to start in so that we are more spread out instead of all crammed into 1 zone. :pray:

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Still having 20+ second lag for actions, quest dialog, and looting on Stormrage. I’m done for the evening in any case, I don’t think I’ve seen a launch be aborted so hard in a while.

Area 52 still beyond scuffed. If I were a streamer I’d probably be level 64 by now… but it’s okay…

Maybe one day.

It’s happening again since maintenance

stormrage-us is unplayable. i can log in after a while, but i cant peform a single action.

Cool. I was on the Dragon Isle, got DC’d…now it says im “no where” on the character panel. Like im not in any zone. Im just…gone. World of Warcraft:Lagginflight is by far an expansion that ever was!!

Area 52 is as bad as ever after maintenance

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yeah A52 is back to the literal exact same state it was prior to the fix

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Illidan is borked too.

Open free transfers off A52 and Illidan. Lets get it rolling so I can finally hit 70 despite having invested enough time for 2-3 characters to hit 70.

Same with Tichondrius. DF hub and org is so broken.

Every toon i have is locked out of wow because of that damned World server is down message and i played 5 mins this morning then game crashed, now im locked out.

Thank You! You’re pretty handsome, yourself! :wink: :upside_down_face: :wink: