Activate threads of fate at 60 or before to cut the end off the campaign?

I know someone mentioned this somewhere so I’m just asking for clarification. Riding the campaign to 60 and cutting the end of the story off to choose your covenant and begin level 60 activities, do you have to hit threads of fate before 60 or can you do it at 60?

I’m almost certain you can turn on threads of fate any time before you choose your covenant, but I just wanted to make sure.

Once you hit 60 you can hit Threads of Fate and jump right on in.

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Before you do that, unless it was changed, once you hit 60 you cant switch to ToF.

This is what i was told, but haven’t done ToF personally

I have a similar discussion going elsewhere where someone mentioned a recent hotfix, which is why I went looking for other opinions because I can’t find it anywhere.

This is no longer true, they hotfixed it so that you can switch after hitting 60.


Ok. Didnt know that. Good to know though if you want to bail out.

Before 60 if you want to omit the last bit of campaign.

So I believe you, but since this seems to be disputed in this very thread, and I can’t find it… do you (or anyone else) happen to know when it was hotfixed so I can link a source and put it to rest?

This was fixed on December 3.


Thank you very much!!