Actions to Reduce Disruption

That isn’t fair. They’re doing their job. I’m sure they like their job. There are policies that they have to follow, I’m sure. To put the blame on the staff itself is incredibly unfair. This isn’t the mirror copy of the original event, it’s an organic on going situation that they’ll have to work through. There will be growing pains most definitely as they try to overcome the ever expanding efforts of certain players to be malicious. There’s no way they could foresee every possible situation and create an action plan to address it.


Kill the opposite faction.

Kill them.

“Misinformation?” HA! I tell you the true of the system and you reject it. That’s fine - it’s the world we live in. Customer Service does not look into player reports in any proactive manner, the system is automated, and they only conduct after-the-fact reviews of suspension to cut down on cost. It’s fine if you don’t believe me I really don’t mind.

They are working from home. They didn’t have to “come in” anywhere.

[edit:] also the forum staff aren’t the same as the customer service staff.


Pretty unrealistic odds that one can somehow get a group together large enough to stop the most-geared and coordinated guilds on the server. “Win the coordination lottery” is not a solution.

That’d be like saying common workers can solve the problem of billionaires by simply becoming billionaires themselves. The people with the power keep the power when the system strictly supports their ability to keep it from everyone else.

Classic’s “community” has become a laughingstock.


It’s quite fair to hold both players and Blizzard accountable.


Its the 1% vs 1% in this case. It isnt casual guilds who go to these lengths to disrupt peoples gameplay. Get a clue.


Welcome to competition. Sorry for your loss.

Actually, common workers have a much easier time becoming filthy rich because clever exploitation of the market is open to a lot of creativity. In a gaming environment, our options are strictly limited. Also… really? You had to reach for a wealth inequality analogy? /giggle

Umm… this is very authentic to Vanilla if you played on any of the bigger servers.

So you admit that the odds are actually worse in Classic? Thanks for making my point for me, I guess.

Competition is not competition when you have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

My point is the odds being super low IS THE POINT

Sure it is.

Its the 1% vs 1% in this case. It isnt casual guilds who go to these lengths to disrupt peoples gameplay.

Thanks for thinking I’m in that 1%, but I’m not.

Get a clue.

You should take your own advice.

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Good job Blizzard. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

I can’t kill my own faction if it keeps betraying me for a horde guild.


Vrakthris just posted saying he was “called in” from his weekend. That means he was out, and now he’s in, working. Home or at the office is irrelevant.

No, nearly everything you posted is in fact, not true.

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So you are going to these lengths to prevent other players from finishing the questline?

Enjoy your ban nerd :smiley:
Also, take a shower.

Blizzard wants to resolve and reduce the disruption fine first off everyone involved in the zone disruption has their progress reset and secondly the gong ringing quest is ongoing even after the gates open players get to 60 do the entire chain and they can still use the gong and get a mount of their own

there everyone wins and the entire matter will be forgotten after all it was this kind of toxic behavior from a small % of the playerbase that caused Blizzard staff to have to work on resolving it

make both of those happen and you can be sure the entire incident will quickly resolve itself


oh no! he got a call from someone saying “hey can you do this?” so sad. it’s what they signed up for.

It’s fine, believe whatever you wish.

Would this same logic not also apply to things like green dragons, when same faction runs low level alts in / taunts the boss into your raid / etc?

as a rule npcs like that typically kill the first target that pulled them then they reset unless one of the raiders engages them as well so in most cases once the low level is dead they usually leash back to starter position often ignoring any other players unless they are within the minimum threat radius

this just happened 20 minutes ago to a horde guild on whitemane. wiped by a guildless level 10 in moonglade. will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

And yet (on PvP realms) players doing the quest to obtain carapaces in Silithus have been restricting same-faction players from completing the quest by enlisting cross-faction support. Why isn’t the ‘PvP solution’ here to do the same thing?