Actions Taken Against Unfair Gameplay

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It’s possible they have been checking out players suspected of doing this for quite some time - they don’t inspect a character once and then issue the ban, I believe they look for patterns over time. If that’s true, its quite possible that anything in the way or ranks earned during that period of time would be wiped.

I can only guess on that of course, and it would be difficult to tell in the short term as they are suspended and so can’t check their toons out.


So it was a bot ban after all


You do know that conjured items stay for 15 minutes after log out. Also you can always come back every so often and do this yourself.

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it’s been repeatedly stated it is NOT like multiboxers as they remain manual input, just duplicate it.


You do not have to pay greedy mages for food and water! You can instead pay impartial vendors for water and hunt/fish/cook your own food for free!


It’s like the Pavlov’s Dog thing - mention botting software and multiboxing springs to people’s minds. I dunno how many times its been pointed out that there is a difference between an automated bot where the player can be away from the house as it runs, and multiple toons being worked by the player while they are actually sitting there at the computer.

It’s the way it is, repeatedly asking about it doesn’t change that. Until the day Blizzard decides to stop it for whatever reasons they might have.


I think if you talk to multiboxers or read any of their posts you instantly see the difference. As a general rule, multiboxers are interested in the challenge of multiboxing – it’s nerd fun. And in the world, the multiboxers I’ve interacted with have been very courteous not to overrun quest mobs or otherwise be harmful to other player’s enjoyment. (Except for looking a little creepy like a robot army.)

I do welcome the banning of various hunter bots I’ve seen out in the world though. Including three I saw yesterday farming basilisks in Thousand Needles.


Good. Better late than never.

Wish they reported numbers per server but it is not their way.

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Nice!! You guys rock! #banthebots

Mm no, level 45 vendor water (what is it 2400 mana over 30sec?) does not cut it when you have 7000 mana pool.

Need level 55 Mage water unless you like sitting around drinking forever wasting a huge amount of time when farming/pvp between dungeon pulls etc.

That is the problem, and if you buy the Argent Dawn biscuits its like 2g or more for a single STACK.

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did you remove all the honor and ranks they have earned as well as rewards? or do they get to keep all their ill gotten gains after the suspensions end?


Wish the cheaters lost all rank they cheated for. Expect they will keep what they earned prior to the ban. Sad that this is why nochanges screamed so hard for. As they knew all the ways to exploit and hopefully not get caught.


Thank you! :+1:

Ban hammer is official. Instead of banning the accounts perhaps transfer those bad players to the dead server of Thalnos and have them pay the server transfer fee to move back. This way Blizz makes more money without inconveniencing the rest.


Multiboxers don’t automate anything.

They replicate.

Not close to being the same.


Would a 5 person party of horde camping solo players at flight paths be considered unfair gameplay?

Bravo! Keep it up!

Hopefully you banned the people who are at their computer, just not participating in pvp. There are a lot of people who go “I am here, not afk” and laugh when you try to report em away, they just go get into combat and go back to leeching.


It wouldn’t be “authentic” vanilla experience without those bots now, would it? :joy: :joy: