Acidvenom, Human Hunter

I used to raid 10 toons a week in Cata. I had guilds… people left and switched realms. back then was Stomrage and sargeras… I’m here after transferring close to 40 chars two expacs ago because a friend transferred… then left the game. Have my own guild. Have everything but healers. I healed ICC with a shammy, wasn’t for me. I have been quiet for a while, maxxed all my chars for last expac over time, warrior, mage, rogue, hunter… main route, but have all not healing classes, two of the tanking classes. multiples of each class. Hit me up. I just bought a new 17in Predator with the 2060. I have a desktop and older predator with the 1060’s as back up… I get my new baby friday… got a wife that’s a warlock. BLACKCURSE#1550

I sent you a friend request, we are currently recruiting Logtar#1704

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ty, i added you but every time i login you’re offline for 20 mins. lol my son plays D3. I also just dropped my Predator 15 (2017) wife bought me a 2020 17in version, and laughe is now using my 15 in old one. it’s taken two weeks to trasfer and then wipe Brutus.