Achievements not showing up correctly

Achievements on the character screen on the website are not showing up as completed when they have been completed. The total achievements number is still correct but achievements such as classic raider, outland raider and dynamic duo are grayed out as not completed when they have been.

It looks like character armories are showing only character achievements atm. Dunno when it started, but if you logged in since it did it seems like it won’t show account-wide stuff. Alts that haven’t logged in since it started (like this one) still show their achievements correctly.

Same problem here, old achievements has disappear from my armory. Looks like Blizzard not care at all.

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I came here to ask what was up with the armory the last few days with showing achievements. Glad I’m not the only one.

I just noticed that pet and collection achievements are not showing up, with 26,400 points and trying go link to someone it is messing with my mind lol

It’s really frustrating tbh, even more so when the bug is not even being fixed. The bug team probably doesn’t even look at anything thats being posted here or just too lazy to fix any.

bump for any blue posts etc. friend tried to show off his achivments, didnt even pull up on his character page

Greetings everyone,

We read these forums frequently and although we are unable to reply to each thread, we do our best to address as many of the bugs/issues/feedback as possible in updates to the site.

When posting bug reports/issues, there are a few things that you can do that will help us out.

  • Provide direct links to the affected webpage/character profile(s).
  • OR if you are unable to post links, mention which character by region/realm/name.
  • OR post on the affected character and mentioning that it is the affected character.
  • Login and then log-out of a character before reporting an issue is always recommended, as data and the character profiles, specifically, are often affected between patches.

In regards to account-wide achievements, the website is intended to represent your achievements as they would show in-game when another player inspects your character. The representation of this data is influenced by the “Display Only Character Achievements to Others” option in-game. If you believe the achievements on your profile are showing incorrectly, please do let us know!



This is an old post but I am having this issue also. Achievement points are correct per character but achievements like dynamic duo and pet battle account wide achievements are incorrect. NA-Bleeding Hollow-Theelodin

I logged in and changed the option to allow other players to view my achievements for all characters and it made my armory show account wide achievements. Changed it back to character specific and it removed my account wide achievements on armory again. :confused:

Is there going to be a fix for this? None of my CR is showing in BG achievements. Should a credit be offered for a game that does not perform as paid for.

Kind of surprised at how old this issue is and yet it still remains. This toon shows hardly any % on categories that are account wide, such as pet battle achievements…yet they are completed. Wish I had an actual idea or what is and is not complete without scrolling achievements in game unless we mark in game to show achievements to others account wide, kind of redundant.