Achievement Extremely Ravenous couldn't be earned!

achievement Extremely Ravenous couldn’t be earned!
following the forum and my own runs after 9.2 release. There is no other extra mobs in torgast or corridors except Zeret Mortis Avtoms. so there are no more Armed Prisoner, Escaped Ritualist, Imprisoned Cabalist, Prisonbreak, Cursewalker, Prisonbreak Mauler, Prisonbreak Soulmender (kvaldirs who drops Prisoner’s Concord).
More over there are no more Fae mobs who drops Glasswing Charm).

please fix this or announce that they spawns like 0.001% chance or there will be no more of them. (so Achievement is gone)

PS: hope you’ll help all people who meets the same problem with this bug or low rait spawning)
Your games are always on TOP stay true BLIZZARD!!!