Acessibility: Client-side Party Marker

Acessibility option needed to avoid “aggrivating” tanks.
Suggestion: Retail Client option for “Target Marker Icon” markers seen client-side, in a party, not seen by other players in the party.

A must-have for accessibility imo.

I was just in a pug and one of the players needed a marker on the tank to see where to go.

The tank took it (the marker) off.
The player put up again.
Tank took it off.

Player said something about needing the marker to see where to go.
Nothing said by tank.
So I said I too needed the markers due to my tunnel vision.

I whispered the other player to say I would suggest for client-side option.

I suggest client-side marker because that tank seemed VERY annoyed we needed the marker on them to see where they went.

The tank said in the instance chat, “she’s aggravating me”.

P.S. 3rd party addons are not an option with my hardware set up. Retail Client option for client-side visible-only marker, a must-have for accessibility.


Thank you for this post! Yes - it was me on an alt :slight_smile: Markers help so much but if they bug other players, it would be nice for us to have individual markers so we can keep track of players vs. mobs. Some of these instances are super dark and when people pull 3-4 packs at a time…it’s nice to keep track of what’s going on.

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How would this work if you and the party leader set the same mark on two different characters?

Better option IMO would be a “Hide Party Markers On Self” option, which the tanks could use. That way the markers are consistent for everyone in the group.

Personally, I’d like to see a role icon attached to player nameplates that even with friendly nameplates off, if I have the icon feature enabled they show above player’s heads. Something I can toggle on or off in my own client, so everyone can have their own preferred view.

80% of marking seems to be “mark the tanks” from healers and “mark the healers” from tanks.

We already do this with the raid markers so it’s not game breaking and it’s just a QoL feature.