Accounts still locked - After Using AH

Yup, I reposted TWO items after being undercut, saw the ‘sale’ gold hours later then account locked, and still locked, for something that went wrong on their end, their roll out. The wide brush ban knee jerk response need a rethink… and when are accounts being unlocked?


What happened?

Check your email maybe they sent you info on your lock.



Some of this is gibberish.

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theres bug reports on the bug report forum about gold being made out of thin air with auctions

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It is about the AH bug where the AH was sort of spewing gold like a broken ATM.

Which led to it being promptly closed for a couple hours so they could fix it.

As that CM post says, some accounts will be locked until they get those accounts sorted out.


Oh no! I think I’ll just avoid putting up any auctions for a day or two.


Yeah, I had a look at the AH and opted not to use it yet. I still have very deeply ingrained habits from Vanilla and BC. Major changes take a few days to settle out before they are safe to use.

Glad I did not put anything on it. I followed the T-shirt vendor person around instead and got a bunch of transmogs I was missing + free shirts for alts.

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I posted a single stack at low prices. My account isn’t locked. I’m having to assume they know who took advantage, probably folks using tsm or some other AH bot program.


I been using it just fine.

There’s a shut-down in progress right now to work on it some more.

i dont use it but a lot of people were complaining about tsm being broken and they had to manually list and cancel, theres people in chat today saying they updated this morning and its still broken too


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Auction House Available for Use Again - Some Players Locked Out of Characters - Wowhead News

No one’s been banned, certain charachters are temporarily unavailable until they roll them back. I imagine a lot of this has to be done by hand going over logs. Given it’s region wide it probably will take some time.

If anyone does get banned it’ll be those who realized the AH was duping gold and were exploiting it.


tsm isn’t an “AH bot program”


That was the impression I got with blue announce before maint yesterday. Pulled all my stuff over weekend ti aviid any potential issues for a few after maintenance.

Would make sense if characters were locked, but whole accounts being locked out with no real information from blizzard, emails haven’t been sent out to accounts that have been locked. Hopefully gets resolved soon would hate to lose an account over 3 AH posts. I was trying to grind the infinite time reaver last night too. :frowning:

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Theyre just making sure you werent canceling the auctions to abuse the bug! Blizzard will find the Truth~
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After they came back up last eve I bought a wow token at 182k. This morning it was gone.

It doesn’t get much more blatant than that.

I did cancel my auctions cuz I was trying to transfer money over to my character I was leveling on another realm and I don’t know the difference between 100,000 and 1,000,000 without the comas apparently so had to repost because I don’t have 1mil gold. Didn’t realize there was an issue until an hour later when I got the mail from the AH and received way too much money. Didn’t try to recreate the bug or anything just figured they’d take it back when issue was resolved with the AH went about my leveling, didn’t spend any of the gold. Got locked out of account 4 hours later while leveling. Save me daddy blizzard so I can continue my infinite reaver grind after work.

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Hopefully soon.

Mine is currently locked. This was happening before I was even made aware why or how all of this was even happening. It wasn’t until hours later throughout the day I found out and then was locked when my guild was about to start heroic Sepulcher :sweat: