Account wide reputation

Im sure someone already suggested this. But can we get this pls. I just got back to wow, quit after 1 month of Legion & this rep grind is still a thing. I dont mind doing it. My play time is around 3-4 hrs a day 5 days a week & all of that us spent questing for reps. But if it were account based i could focus one toon on one or two factions while i grind 2 more reps on a different toon so i dont get so frikin bored playing a single toon.

I’ve read some threads as to why it shouldn’t. Mostly becoz of some old rare stuff that would make the players get it easier (looking at u green proto). But u didnt need rep in wrath to fly. Also they can just make the achivement specific to expac.
Im sure im not the first (certainly not the last) who’s thought of this.